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My mother enrolled me in a sewing class with a friend when I was in fourth grade.  My friend and I still laugh about how awful our jean dresses (hey…it was the late 80s!) turned out and how they were definitely never worn!  If I remember correctly, mine was WAY too small.  Since then, I would complete a sewing project every year or two and then my sewing machine would sit idle in the box.  This past year I have been at home with my kiddies and I have had more time to explore the wonderful world of sewing and am finding it quite enjoyable.  I have found a sewing buddy who is just as inexperienced as me and we are fighting our way through project after project in the hopes of several things: 1)enjoying the experience of expressing ourselves through arts and crafts; 2)finally making this the year of the Homemade Christmas; 3)attempting to save a little money by creating our own all while helping to build another wing onto our favorite craft stores!

For my first project post, I want to share my newest favorite creation.  I plan on making half a dozen of these!  The directions for this fabulous Coloring Caddy, or Crayon Bag as we have been calling it, can be found at one of my favorite sites, The Crafty Cupboard

This is the first crayon bag that we made.  It took about 5.5 hours from the first cut of fabric to the final stitch.  I think that the next time around will probably take about 3 hours (don’t forget…we are novices with three kids under the age of 4 running under foot while we sew!). 

Aren’t these adorable?  There are little pockets to hold about 40 crayons and the tote can hold several thin coloring books, notebooks, or smaller activity books.  For this bag, I used a fat quarter set that I found.  I loved the way the fabrics were totally different but looked great together. 



All of the artists in my life are going to get these for Christmas!


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