Helicopter Themed Baby Shower

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Helicopter Themed Baby Shower - threadedtogether.comToday I threw a baby shower for a great friend of mine.  The dad of the baby is a helicopter pilot and many of the baby’s things are related to planes and helos.  I decided to stick with it and made the baby shower helicopter themed (well, I didn’t do much “theme-ing”, but when I DID theme it up, it was helos).  I thought I would have no trouble finding things to aid in my party planning, but it turns out there is not an endless list of helicopter party ideas.  Time to get to work!  I made the invitation from scratch.  Here it is where I have, of course, replaced the personal information.

I had no desire to do the typical baby shower games like Smell the Baby Poop or Guess that Baby Food.  Instead I opted for a craftier avenue to travel down.  I bought various sizes of white onesies from 0 months to 18 months.  I had the guests make their own onesies for the new baby-to-be.  It took a little encouragement for some of the guests and I probably could have used more than two irons to iron letters on, but I was still pretty happy with the outcome.  Also, one set of letters – all of the black ones – DID NOT work.  I managed to buy a bum package and we all found it out the hard way.  A few words of advice: Test it out in advance.  I had intended to do this by making a shirt for the mom, but only managed to try it about 5 minutes before the shower began!  Find out how long it will take to iron the letters on, etc. 


My materials for this project were:

  1. various sized onesies
  2. iron on letters and patches
  3. fabric markers
  4. cardboard to stick between the onesie so markers will not bleed through to the back (make sure the cardboard is free of all markings and colors, we also had issues with that bleeding onto the onesie if using the cardboard while ironing)
  5. youth t-shirts.  My baby shower was kid friendly, so I also had white shirts for all of the kid guests to use the fabric markers and decorate.  We kept them away from the iron on items.
  6. ironing board and iron (have at least one iron for every two to three people).

Some of the sayings we used were BYOB (bring your own bottle).  Navy Baby.  The baby’s last name.  “Mini (name of dad)”. A picture of a chick then the words “dig me”.  Other ideas – Naps Are For Sissies.  Bootie Kicker.  Little Prince(ss).  Drooling Zone.

 Helicopter Themed Baby Shower - threadedtogether.com

I used the same helicopter to design the cake as well and used basic buttercream icing

Helicopter Themed Baby Shower - threadedtogether.com

Finally, the treat for the guests was a bag of candy with a ribbon tied around it.  Attached to the ribbon were two cookie cutters – a helicopter and an airplane.  I didn’t get a picture of them, unfortunately, but if you look hard enough you can see them in the back corner of the table here:

Helicopter Themed Baby Shower - threadedtogether.com

I had tons of fun planning and celebrating the future birth of my friend’s son.  It is such a great way to welcome a new baby to the world!

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