30 Days and 30 Bites – Cupcake Piping (Yikes)

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Different Cupcake Piping Attempts -threadedtogether.com***Update 2017: It is so amazing for me to look back on this post from almost seven years ago! My cake decorating skills improved dramatically from this first sad little picture, but now with the healthier lifestyle choices I make, it is a rare and special occasion (once or twice a year) that we make a goodie like this, icing and all***

Today I begin an adventure in baking that will hopefully bring me to some astounding new level of confectionary masterism.  Okay, maybe I’ll just be able to pipe a pretty rose on a cake at the end of this project, but hey! that will be more than I can do now!  As I said, I am able to do a few basic things when it comes to decorating cakes. 
What that means is I can do some elementary fondant and I can star the heck out of any cake design.  But I have no idea how to do any of the fun stuff.  Flowers, animals, pour fondant, bugs, etc.  I am going to spend the next 30 days baking cupcakes, cakes, and the like and I am going to do my best to teach myself a few decorating techniques.  Though I come from a not so long line of wonderful cake creators (my mother could certainly hold her own in cake designing and my grandmother use to sell cakes out of her home), I only inherited a few of their natural talents.  I was not smart enough to spend days on end watching and learning what they did.  I played in the sprinkler out back and waiting for the cakes to be done!

So for my first day in the world of mixing up trouble I decided to keep it simple.  My mother, sister, and her whole family were in town so I used a box of yellow cake mix to make a batch of 23 cupcakes.  (too much bowl licking maybe???)  There really isn’t too much to report except I definitely learned I have, well, a lot to learn!  I used three different colors of Buttercream icing – pink, purple, and green.  Why?  No particular reason except I thought the girls would love pink and purple and figure I better be a good mom/aunt and give the 8 year old and 5 year old boy a color too.  I loaded up the icing bags and just started using a whole bunch of tips.  At the time, I hadn’t planned on blogging about it so I couldn’t tell you which ones I used, etc.  I made a few flowers and a butterfly (the antennae were very sad looking) and a few initials (the J did NOT look like a J!).  I was, however, excited that I was capable of doing a very basic swirl around the top of the cupcake.  Next time I may even be bold enough to make it more 3D like an ice cream cone look!  Ha!  The important part was that I had a lot of fun, got a little messy, and EVERYONE was excited to have cupcakes for dessert!

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