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Soccer Ball Cookie - threadedtogether.comFor a mathematician, my symmetrical shaping ability has a long way to go!!! 

Boy, what a learning experience tonight!  I learned I have two options: 1) I may have to hire an artist to make the pretty pictures on my cakes, etc. or 2) I should look more closely at an actual picture before I try to recreate things! 

 Today’s labor of love was sugar cookies that were supposed to look like soccer balls.  Usually, I find a good picture to copy when I am piping cakes with buttercream icing.  To ice my soccer balls though, I decided I knew how a soccer ball should look and I should be capable of making one myself.  Eeeerrrrnnnnngh.  Wrong.

I do NOT know how to draw a soccer ball.  Well, I didn’t.  I do now!  After icing all 14 of my cookies I sat down to write my entry this evening and thought I would look to see what went wrong.  For those of you who ALSO don’t know: a soccer ball is made using a series of black pentagons and white hexagons all connected together.  I created all of the shapes as pentagons!!!  I could not, for the life of me, figure out why I was having such issues making all of the pentagons the right size.  It’s because they weren’t all suppose to be pentagons!!!  Grrrr.  Not only that, but the icing was a MESS!  A black, staining, gooey mess.

I used glacé icing.  I wanted the cookies to be nice and classy and shiny looking.  The recipe for this is very simple and the same every where you look.  I first covered the entire cookie with the basic white icing by placing a small spoonful in the middle of the cookie and spreading it around to the edges.  This part was super easy and even fun!  Then, of course, the trouble came! 

I made my first mistake when I tried to immediately pipe the black glacé on to make the details of my (uneven!) balls.  Yes, I went there.  The first layer of icing definitely needed some time to set before piping on another layer.  The colors totally ran together since this icing is so liquidy!  So, I put them in the fridge and it didn’t take too long before I was able to do the next layer.  Of course, mistake number two came in when I piped the soccer balls as a collection of all pentagons!  Mistake number three: yes, I actually made one of my soccer balls inverted.  I don’t even know how to describe what the big ball of black looked like.  Okay, I guess I just described it.  At least it was just one though!

In the end I am very happy I did these.  I couldn’t possibly go this entire month without making something for all of my World Cup fan friends!  My husband is such a trooper and had no problem eating the ugly ones with me for our own test taste.  We weren’t incredibly impressed with the sugar cookie and are still on a hunt for a recipe that comes out softer and chewier.  In the cookie’s defense though, neither of us really cares for sugar cookies because of how crunchy they usually are.  The icing tasted very good also.  It is incredibly sweet and I probably couldn’t eat more than two cookies if I wanted to.  I know, this is a good thing!

I am also happy to report that even though I did not have a clue what I was doing, there was definitely marked improvement in the way the cookies looked from beginning to end.  To prove this, I am including the picture of the first cookie I piped, and the last one!  Hopefully you can tell the difference too!

Soccer Cookie Failure - threadedtogether.com

Soccer Ball Cookie - threadedtogether.com



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  1. Lori @ RecipeGirl
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    OH my gosh, you poor dear. Looks like you had a heck of a time w/ these! Did you happen to see the tutorial that I did on how to make soccer ball cookies? http://www.recipegirl.com/2008/11/16/how-to-make-soccer-ball-cookies/

    • Marissa
      | Reply

      I did! And of course, yours were perfect! This is what I get for trying to take a shortcut! I even spoke with my husband about whether or not I should use your method. Looks like next time I will!

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