30 Days and 30 Bites – Repurposed Shower Caps

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Repurposed Shower Caps - threadedtogether.comI was SO proud of myself for completing my first three days of 30D30B.  I don’t think I have ever even managed to write in a journal for three consecutive days any time in my life.  Alas, at day four, life has already gotten in the way!  Instead of sitting at home and coming up with brilliant baking ideas, I spent 20 + hours at the hospital in labor and delievery.  No, not for myself!!! Remember that helicopter themed baby shower I threw for my friend recently??? I was lucky enough to be chosen as coach to share this wonderful time with her and her parents since daddy is out on a ship.  So maybe I didn’t manage to create a masterful confection, but boy…things don’t come any sweeter than Baby R!  So though I had to skip a day of baking, I thought I would post something that I have been meaning to do for a while.

My brilliant mother, that’s right, you read right mom.  My brilliant mother is the craft czar when it comes to re-purposing things in life.  One such idea, I use to tease her about profusely and it involves a hairnet.  A plain plastic hairnet.  The traveling woman that she is, my mother stays in a lot of hotels.  While in these hotels she collects the specialty soaps and shampoos and other what nots (like shower caps) that hotels leave in the room for your convenience.  First off, always thinking of other people first, she saves up the soaps and shampoos and donates them to her local Ronald McDonald House.  They are always in need of things like toiletries and other personal care items for the moms, families and children that they help at their charity locations.

Of course, I digress and I should probably get to the key point of this post.  She uses the hairnets that she gets from the hotels as a sort of saran wrap.  Remember the Glad plastic bowl covers they sold for a little while?  It is the same idea.  But WAY cheaper.  The shower caps fit over all size bowls, sometimes even huge ones, and are fantastic when you are trying to cover awkward items that just won’t take saran wrap easily.

Unfortunately, I am not the traveling woman my mom is, so I have to buy my shower caps.  My dollar store sells them in packages of 15 (look in the sections with the wigs and curlers) for, you guessed it!  A dollar!  So here is a picture of my capped cookie dough from last night’s cookies.  Just don’t wear them before you use them!

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    Woops! As my mother has so kindly pointed out to me, it is not hair nets, but SHOWER CAPS! Wow, what can I say?!

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