30 Days and 30 Bites – Coffee Cake

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Coffee Cake - Threaded TogetherHoly guacamole!!!  Stop the coffee cake presses!  We have done it again!  I have found a recipe that makes me say, “This is it!  This is the ultimate (insert recipe name here) recipe!!!  We need search no longer!”

Today for breakfast I made an amazingly fantastic, moist, tastefully wonderful coffee cake.  It was mouth watering good!  My husband and I couldn’t get through one bite with out murmuring how delectable it was!  If you like coffee cake, THIS is THE recipe to try!  I took some of the other peoples’ recommendations and doubled the amount of crumb topping.  I spooned half of the batter into the pan and covered it with half of the crumb mixture.  Then placed the other half of the batter in and the rest of the crumb mixture on top.  YUM!

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