Painting with Bubbles

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Painting with Bubbles - threadedtogether.comThis week I have trapped my kids in the house and made them help me clean it.  I have also carted them all around town to go grocery shopping, drop off library books and get the oil changed.  This morning, I decided that we needed to do an art project for just the three of us!  I dug into the recesses of my brain…the one that holds the former preschool teacher self and came up with Bubble Painting!

What You Need:
  • Small trays or bowls
  • food coloring or tempera paint
  • paper
  • straws
  • water
  • liquid dishwashing soap
Steps for Bubble Painting:

Mix a dollop (about the size of a quarter) of  dishwashing soap, 1/2 cup of water and a few drops of food coloring or tempura paint together in a bowl or tray.

Painting with Bubbles -

Using the straw, blow into the mixture to create bubbles.

Painting with Bubbles -

Painting with Bubbles -

Lay the paper over the top of the bubbles and let them pop onto the paper. 

Painting with Bubbles -

Let dry and then display the artwork!

Painting with Bubbles -

A few things we learned along the way:

  • Definitely remind your kids to blow out the straw, rather than use it to drink the soap!
  • The more food coloring, the darker the bubbles will be.  We thought we added enough, but when we started painting the color wasn’t really showing up.  I think the tempura paint works the best but I didn’t have any and my kids are still a little young so I was worried about them sucking it up the straw!
  • We had the most fun trying to pick the bubbles up on the paper.  Then we would turn the paper over so we could watch the bubbles pop and see what design it left behind.

Happy bubble painting!


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    Looks like it was tons of fun!

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