How to Cut a Mango

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How To Cut a Mango - Threaded TogetherRemember those banana muffins  I made and was unfortunately unable to share the recipe with you?  Remember how I said I would definitely be using mango next time I made them?  At least, I think I said that.  If not, I was certainly thinking it!  Well, not even 36 hours after I finished 30 Days and 30 Bites, my husband was begging me to do some more baking!  In the last six days since I “completed” my challenge, I have made Mango Muffins, 3 dozen (and three different types of) Grandma Johnson’s Scones, Focaccia Bread (which was great with a little tweaking to my own tastes), Oat-N-Honey Bread, and Chocolate Pretzel Rings.  I think that’s it.  I guess new habits die hard.

Though all of these things were more than worthy of blogging about, I chose to do a quick tutorial related to the first one – the Mango Muffins.  I don’t know how many of you purchase fresh mangos on a regular basis, but these are my first choice when it comes to baking with this scrumptious fruit.  However, the first time I cooked with a mango, I brought my fruits home and stared at them like they were aliens from outer space.  I had never tasted, cooked, baked with, or even thought of dealing with them before that day.  Not only that, but I had NO idea how to cut the dang things open!

Would it be like an apple that I would need to core?  A peach with a pit in it I would have to cut around?  An apricot whose pit falls out with little to no help?  Since I didn’t want to do the job twice, I went straight to the internet to find out exactly what I should do.  I found a tutorial online that was incredibly useful (turned out that mangos have a difficult pit to deal with).  The tutorial gave clear and concise directions, however did not have any pictures on how to go about this process.  This, of course, was forever ago and I cannot find the website again.  Instead, I decided I would share my knowledge of the best way to dice a mango from beginning to end (pictures included).

First Cut

1. The mango has two very obvious “flat” sides.  Stand the mango on its end, stem up, and slice it parallel to one of its flat sides.  Make this cut slightly off center to avoid the pit.  Repeat on the opposite side.  I will get to what you do with the other two short sides left over at the end.


2.  Create a grid on the mango by slicing several cuts along the length and width of the mango.  Use a small paring knife and do not cut through the skin of the mango while doing this.  (you actually have to work really hard to cut through the skin unless the mango is over ripe so you probably don’t have to try to hard to do this properly).  However large, or small, you make these squares is the size your diced mango pieces will be.

How To Cut a Mango - Threaded Together

3. Flip the mango half inside out to expose the almost diced pieces of fruit.

4. Slice the pieces off of the skin using the same small knife.  If desired, dice the mango pieces smaller until you reach the size you want.  Repeat steps 1 – 4 with the other flat side of the mango.

5. Again, cutting off center to avoid the pit, cut off the other two short pieces of the mango and cut in the same grid manner.  These pieces of the mango are often much tougher and sometimes not even worth the effort of cutting!

Voila!  That’s how you cut a mango!  Enjoy the FRUITS of your labor!

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    Hilarious! I just had to look up how to cut a mango a few months ago. We had never actually bought a mango and I had no idea how to cut into it!

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