The Easiest Dress I Have Ever Made

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dress6So week #1 of my Christmas Crafts challenge is coming to an end and I have actually completed a Christmas gift!  Hopefully this momentum will keep up! 

For this week’s project, I made a few dresses.  One of them went straight to my daughter, but the rest are going to be put away.    The one my daughter is wearing in this picture is a long dress, but the majority of the other ones are shorter in length.  Even though they are summer dresses, they will still be perfect in the winter with a pair of leggings and a sweater. 

Too cute, right?!?!

I am not a person who sews regularly, so I try to keep my sewing projects as easy as possible.  I know that there are some crafters that make their own shirred fabric, but I am not that ambitious!  I bought several cuts of fabric that already had the shirred bodice.  Some of the fabrics even come hemmed too!  Here are the steps I took to create the dress:

1.  First, I pinned the fabric around my daughter to size it.  Then I sewed down the edge of the fabric.  My daughter has a little curvy figure so I made sure that I did not sew a straight line down the dress. 

Homemade youth dress -

Homemade youth dress -

Homemade youth dress -

I had a lot of excess fabric because I wasn’t sure exactly how much to purchase, but I just cut it off when I was finished sewing.

2.  If the fabric needed a hem, I hemmed it.  Some of the fabrics already had a hem…those are my favorite!

Homemade youth dress -

3. For the straps, I sewed two pieces of ribbon on each side.  When she wears the dresses, we tie the straps at the shoulders!

Homemade youth dress -

It is really that easy!  


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