“Nuts About You” Military Care Package

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Okay, so my computer harddrive CRASHED and I was without a computer for what seemed like an ETERNITY!!!!  I should mention that the computer was exactly one month and one week old when it crashed!  Gees-o Pees-o!  In any case.  The computer doctor (Best Buy’s Geek Squad) fixed it and I have now been able to reinsert the IV that pumps the internet through my blood!  Thank goodness.

So one of the first things I had to do, naturally, is contribute to the wonderful blog that threads me together with my mother and sister.  Awwww…. 

The topic of this post is a sad one indeed.  My husband has recently deployed for the next SEVERAL months on an aircraft carrier.  I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing man who doubles as an officer in the U.S. Navy.  Thank you, darling, for serving our country!  Unfortunately, this service comes with something all military wives grow accustomed to: a lot of time ALONE.  The boys leave to go out to sea (or overseas) and we, the wives, are left at home to keep the house, keep the kids (alive), keep the bills, keep the pets, keep up with the neighbors, friends, and more.  I do have to admit that it can be an absurdly difficult job, often thankless. 

My husband, good thing for him, never falls short when it comes to thanking me for all of my hard work!  I try my hardest to show my appreciation for him as well, and one way is to send him care packages; often.  The first package I sent him during this cruise (deployment on the ship) had the theme “Nuts About You!”

I created a card with this picture of an elephant showing his love for peanuts on the front, and the headline “I’m Nuts About You!”  Inside I included a short note for him and how much I appreciated him.

In case you didn’t know, you can order a FREE military kit from the United States Post Office.  You cannot do this online, it must be done by calling 1-800-610-8734 .  You will select your language and then select 1 (for priority mail).  Tell them you are requesting the free military kit and they will deliver it to your door quite quickly.  You don’t have to be in the military to do this, just sending things TO someone in the military.  Just reorder when you run out.  The kit contains:

  • 2  large priority mail flat-rate boxes
  • 2 medium priority mail flat-rate boxes
  • 2 medium shirt box priority mail flat-rate boxes
  • 6 priority mail labels
  • 1 roll priority mail tape
  • 6 customs forms and envelopes (you have to use these forms for all APO and FPO bound packages weighing more than one pound and it definitely saves time to have them filled out in advance)

So, I filled the large flat rate box with every kind of nut I could find.  Plain peanuts, gourmet almonds, cashews, nut clusters, trail mix, chocolate nuts…all sorts!  I HAD a picture of the contents of the box before I sent it.  The picture now lies in the same grave as my crashed harddrive, so you will have to use your imagination.  There were around 15 – 20 different types of nuts.

My husband, and the rest of the men and women in the office, loved it!  The office is often full of oreos, chips, and other snacks the men crave from home, so they appreciated something different to add to the mix. 

The next package I sent was just an envelope with some magazines in it.  I try to stay away from the typical subscription magazines because they are often sent to the ships a-plenty.  Instead, I look for the special editions sold only in stores.  Let’s hope one of my husband’s favorite past time is not reading my blog on the ship, because he hasn’t received this one yet!

I am trying to send him at least a little something on Monday of every week.  When you are sending packages, keep in mind that the ship and other military mail systems are often MORE than slow!  We once had a package take 5 months to arrive at the ship!  Who knows where it was lost that whole time?!  The nuts package only took 8 days though, so we were very excited!

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    Cute idea! I usually only got one box out every 3-4 weeks so could you do some kind of holiday theme. Always had you girls draw pictures/cards and took some polaroids to include. :-)

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