Knifty Knitted Headbands

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I am so excited to post my most recent craft knitting project!  I have been knitting hats left andHeadband1 right for all sorts of babies and really, was quite tired of it!  But I have all of this yarn that needs to be used.  Really a ton of yarn that I can’t do anything with except for odd projects.  When I first started knitting several years ago I thought it was fun to just buy random yarn.  I thought one or two skeins would do it for a project.  Little did I know back then, that is no where near true.  I don’t every buy yarn anymore without a specific project and the exact number of skeins I need!  I still have boxes and boxes of this random yarn now.  The problem is, for the sake of being frugal, I do not want to start any projects that I have to go buy yarn for!  So I am forcing myself to go through the odds and ends.  Ugh. 

Headband2You guys are going to get some interesting gifts this Christmas, family!!!

My daughter has been begging me to knit her something so I thought what would be a better quick project than a little headband to keep all that hair out of her face!?  I knew it wouldn’t be too tough to make one up.  I went VERY basic for this first one.  All the little girls are going to be getting at least one of these for the next several holidays!  I should also say though, that this headband looked great on me too!  The size does not need to be changed for a child or adult.  ONE SIZE FITS ALL!!! Instructions are below.


Knit Headband


  • Light worsted weight 100% acrylic yarn (or whatever you desire)
  • Size 6 US double pointed needles (or whatever you desire)
  • Yarn Needle

i Cord Beginning:

  • Cast on 4 sts.  With these 4 stitches knit an i cord for 10″ (don’t know what an i cord is? here is a great tutorial!).

Body Increase:

You will now turn your needle at the end of each row as usual for the body of the head band.

  • Row 1 (wrong side): P4
  • Row 2: K1, M1, K2, M1, K1
  • Row 3: P6
  • Row 4: K1, M1, K4, M1, K1
  • Row 5: P8


You have now increased to begin the body of the headband.  Now work the body of the headband in garter stitch (knitting every row) until the body measures 9″.  When you have reach desired length you will decrease down and then work another i cord.

Body Decreases:

  • Row 1 (make sure you are on the right side or the band will be curled in different directions!): K1, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K1
  • Row 2: P6
  • Row 3: K1, K2tog, K2tog, K1
  • Row 4: P4
  • Row 5: K4

i cord Finish:

Finish the band with another 10″ i cord and tie off.  Using yarn needle, weave in ends.

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    Very cute!! And love your model! :-)

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