“Bear Necessities” Military Care Package

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BearNecessities1You know, for a Stay At Home Mom, I sure do very little staying at home these days!  I feel like an eternity has gone by since I have posted.  In that time I have done tons of crafting, cooking, and creating.  Those posts will come soon enough, but first I wanted to share my most recent military care package for my amazing husband who is deployed on a ship for several months.

The theme of this package was the “Bear” Necessities.  As you can see in the photo, I sent him many of the things that we use on a daily basis.  Mostly toiletry items and mostly items my husband A) would never buy for himself but he always steals mine, B) he forgot or did not have room to pack as he was leaving to go on cruise or C) he requested after his first couple of weeks out to sea for longer than a work up cycle.

Some of the items: cracked skin lotion, pepto bismol, tide-to-go sticks, baby wipes, dental floss, a new loufa, band aids, batteries, a magnetic notepad (everything on the ship is metal so it can go anywhere), hooks with removable sticky stuff (again, everything is metal so you can’t exactly put a nail in the wall), mouthwash, nail clippers, q-tips, air freshener, a pumice stone, and a few other things.

To do a really cute job of tying this box together with the “Bear” Necessities theme, we also included a bear.  But this was no ordinary bear… 

The kids and I spent a day doing all sorts of stuff Daddy would love doing with us.  BearNecessitiesFluffWe went to the splashpad, ate lunch out, had italian ices for dessert, etc.  We also went into Build-A-Bear Workshop and made him his very own special bear.  The kids got to pick out the body of the bear from several different choices, stuff the bear using the giant filling machine (the workers even let my kids “feed” the machine more fluff because it was empty) and put a fabric heart inside the bear that the workers told them to make a wish on.  To top it off, we did spend a little extra money on one of the recordable sound boxes you can put in the animals.  They have premade noises, such as a roar, but they also have one that you put your own message on.  We went into the back of the store where it was quiet and all three of us said at the same time “We love you Dad!!!”  After you are sure you want to save your recording, the worker moves a switch on the box for you so it doesn’t re-record anymore.  It was so wonderful because I also was able to make special memories with the kids that I will always be able to cherish myself. 

So, now whenever Daddy is lonely, all he has to do is press the paw of his bear and he will hear our three voices yelling how much we love him!

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  1. Debbie
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    Very clever! Are there any “military” spouse sites you could link to for your two care package posts.

  2. cari
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    This is a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing this on your blog. I mentioned your idea to my kiddo’s and we are going to head down to Build-A-Bear to make their daddy one to hug while he is away this year. :) Thank you.

    • Marissa
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      Wonderful! My husband has been home for a little while and that bear has become quite a part of the family. It still lives on the ship, but whenever we visit (usually on his 24 hour duty days) the kids give the hand several squeezes and take so much joy in hearing our voices. It is such a great reminder to them of all the things we did to let Dad know we were thinking of him while he was gone. Enjoy the time spent with the kids and I hope it is just as special for you and your family!

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