Little Princess Birthday Cake

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Finally the time has rolled around this year that not only did I get to make another fun cake, but it was for my very own little girl!  Little K turned 5 this year and was DYING to have a big party with all of her friends.  Her birthday is in the middle of the summer and everyone was on vacation at one time or another, so we decided to wait and celebrate right before school started.  We are so blessed with the amazing friends we have who pitched in to help set up, celebrate, and clean up!  Especially with my hubby gone!  The party was princess themed and it was the perfect opportunity for me to get to doll up a cake.  There were over 40 people at the party when you include the kids and the parents (I told you we are blessed!) so I went big with a 3 tiered cake. 


I covered the cake in pink rolled marshmallow fondanton two layers (both chocolate) and white in the middle (yellow cake).  The stars and stripes cut outs and the balls along the bottom were also fondant.  The “bling” around the bottom of the top two layers is rock candy.  I searched everywhere until I remembered the best place to buy something like rock candy is Cracker Barrel!  I also put some “bling” in the middle of each star on the cake.  Last but not least, the crown.  I tried to make a fondant crown and it was actually quite cute!  Unfortunately, as soon as I tried to move it from the wax paper I had it drying on, it broke :(.  This was definitely a foreseeable problem, so I had a back up plan and simply placed a tiara on top of the cake.  It probably ended up looking a lot cuter!!

So, there you go!  A cute little princess cake.  I was very please with the results, and apparently everone else was too because it was almost gone!  Okay, so I might have been cutting the pieces a little big, but not that big. 


Oh, and thank you to all of the friends who stayed behind and helped me jump my car after my battery was dead!  You’re the best!

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

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    You really do have a talent for this, my dear!

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