Perfect Little Leg Warmers

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I have an adorable little ballerina at home.  I also have two adorable little niece ballerinas (at least I think they are both still ballerinas!).  What more could a little ballerina ask for then cozy little leg warmers to cover her skinny little legs in the wintertime?!  Leg warmers aren’t a tough pattern to create.  It really was just a matter of decided on the right number of stitches to cast on.  The rest kind of took care of itself!  So here is a quick and easy knit for anyone who knows how to knit in the round.Legwarmers

This is going to make a great gift for all the little girls in the family, even if they aren’t ballerinas.  I’ll probably knit a pair up for myself too!  Each leg warmer only took me the length of one movie to knit!

Leg Warmers

  • Skill level:
    • Intermediate (knitting in the round with dpns required)
  • Materials:
    • Size 8 dpns and size 10 dpns (US)
    • 2 small/medium skeins chunky yarn
  • Directions:
    • Using size 8 dpns (US) CO 38 Stitches.  Join, being careful not to twist
    • Row 1 – 8: Knit rib stitch: *k2, p2 *repeat to end
    • Row 9 – 63 (or desired length): Change to size 10 dpns and knit every row
    • Row 64 – 72: Change back to size 8 dpns (US) and resume rib stitch *k2, p2 *repeat to end
    • Row 73: *K2tog, yo, p2 *repeat to end
    • Row 74: *k2, p2 *repeat to end
    • Weave in ends
    • Thread a ribbon or threads of yarn through eyelets and tie in a bow

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