Homemade Personal Pizzas with FLARE!

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Mamma Mia!  Looking for a fun, inexpensive thing to do with your kids on a Friday night?  Or even a great party idea to have friends over?  How about make-your-own personal pizzas?  Been there, done that, you say?  Well, don’t just have everyone stand around and put some toppings onto some dough.  Instead, turn your kitchen into a pizzeria straight from Little Italy!  While visiting  Grandma over Thanksgiving weekend, she set up a fun evening for the whole family.
Homemade Pizza with Flare! - ThreadedTogether.com

Things Grandma had ready to go:

  • traditional Italian music
  • chef’s hats (I know I don’t have these on hand, so
    here is a make-your-own version)
  • felt Italian style mustaches
  • aprons
  • picnic style vinyl tablecloth
  • candles
  • packaged, refrigerated pizza dough (or make your own)
  • rolling pin (also a necessary part of the costume) :)
  • small can tomato sauce
  • mozzarella cheese
  • desired toppings

Homemade Pizza with Flare! - ThreadedTogether.com

With the kids all decked out in their Italian gear, we sang silly sounding Italian songs (okay, just made them up as went along), talked in Italian accents (my son’s is sounding less and less like Russian the more practice he gets), tossed pizza dough in the air (don’t be afraid to eat dough that landed on the floor…come on, just dust it off!  or clean your floor first!), and had a LOT of laughs. 

To actually MAKE the pizza, you simply roll out the dough, layer your toppings, and bake it in the oven according to the dough’s directions.

The pizza turned out fantastic and the kids gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow.  And let me tell you, my kids don’t jump on food like this.  They usually only like pizza when it is a special treat coming from a delivery place.  This time though…they BOTH said it was the best pizza they ever had.

That’s what happens when all that love and laughter goes into it!

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    Looks like great fun was had by all!!! What a clever idea!

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