Crayon Apron

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I wanted to make a crayon apron for my daughter and my niece. I had my heart set on the cutest crayon apron, Simplicity Pattern 2295, but every time I went to Joann’s they were out or the pattern wasn’t on sale.  I refuse to pay 15 dollars for a pattern when they sell them for 99 cents every other week!  The last time I went looking for that crayon apron pattern and it was still out of stock, I saw Simplicity Pattern 2555 for $2.50.  I decided to give it a try and make my own version.  I am not fabulous at the sewing machine so I was a little worried but it was very easy!

First, I used Pattern B but all I did was cut out the apron part.  This pattern had an adjustable neck and I wasn’t ready to try that so I just cut out fabric for apron strings at the neck and the waist.  To make the front of the apron, I cut out a pocket that was about 6×6.  I sewed the pocket, right sides together, turned it and attached it to the front of the apron with a zigzag stitch.

To make the crayon holder part of the apron, I used the crayon hold part of this Coloring Caddy at The Crafty Cupboard.  I have made several of these crayon bags, so I figured that it would be easy to adapt it to the apron.  I made sure that the crayon part was longer than the apron.  I attached it to the apron and stitched the crayon pockets.

crayon apron

I followed apron directions to stitch the neck and waist strings.

crayon bag1

I put the lining and the front of the apron right sides together, stitched them together and left a hole to pull it through.  I pulled the apron through and finished it with a stitch all the way around for a finished look. 

crayon apron 3

My niece is going to love the pinks in this one!





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