Ten Most Viewed Posts of 2010

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When we look back over the year, Threaded Together has come a long way.  We went from one post in January to posting more than 3 times a week now.    We talked my sister-in-law into joining us and Marissa challenged herself to bake an amazing dessert every day for 30 days.  We joined the crafting community and have met some amazing people.  We found fantastic projects to try and shared a few of our own.  We have had lots of people stop by and see what we have to say, leave us awesome comments, and for the that we are thankful.  We appreciate you!

I think that the best part of our top ten viewed posts is that all four of us had a post on the top ten list!  Here are the ten most viewed posts of 2010:

#10 Clothespin Mirror Makeover

Finished Product

#9 Repurpose – Jewelry Organizer


#8 Personalized Hand Sanitizer


#7 Super Mario Brothers Cake


#6 Weekly Menu – Our Family Favorites

chicken divan2

#5 Mummy’s Brunch


#4 A Time to Give Thanks for Family and Friends – Our 100th post


#3 Preggers!


#2 Make Your Own Cupcake Wrappers/Liners


And the #1 MOST VIEWED POST this year?!?!?!  Amazingly enough, it is a post that was just posted on December 6!  This post also had the most Facebook shares!

#1 Creative Christmas Card Picture Idea


What does the future hold for Threaded Together?  Hopefully lots more crafting, cooking, and sewing.  We are so excited to share our holiday gift ideas with you over the next few months, tasty new recipes and fun projects!



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