Anthro Inspired Ribbon and Beaded Necklace

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Only 17 days into January and I am already starting Christmas and birthday presents!  YAY!  Might actually get everything made this year!

Last night, instead of just lounging around and watching television I decided to be productive!  I had been to Joann’s earlier and picked up beads and ribbons for an Anthro Inspired necklace by Flamingo Toes (one of my new favorite sites!). 

I followed Flamingo Toes’ tutorial step by step.  The only changes that I made/thoughts I had were as follows:

  • Instead of stringing cord, I used Soft Flex wire
  • My necklace only used ten strands like hers, but I think my beads were smaller than hers so it looks even less “strandy”
  • I bought a strand mix that was $3.99 with a coupon.  My bead total was $2.00 for enough beads to make about 1.5 necklaces
  • I didn’t bother pressing the ribbon once I had turned it…mainly because it was 11:00 at night and I was feeling lazy


I definitely plan on making half a dozen of these for birthday and Christmas gifts.  I was so impressed at how similar they looked to the original Anthro design and how beautiful they look on.  Flamingo Toes’ tutorial is comprehensive and easy to follow.

Get beading!




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  1. Valerie @ Life 4 me by me
    | Reply

    I use to be very crafty and have decided that this year I will return to my crafty ways. I love your ideas! thanks for posting them.

  2. Nancy's Couture
    | Reply

    Love the necklace!!!

  3. Marissa
    | Reply

    LOVE IT! All of those half dozen necklaces will be just for me, right??? I need a rainbow of colors! :o)

  4. Debbie
    | Reply

    Ditto what Marissa said … or at least one: black ribbon, black, white, clear, silver. Merry Christmas to me!

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