Stitch-A-Long: Month 10

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So, I’m still working on my 12 month Stitch-A-Long (sponsored by my favorite local needlework shop, Needle Delights), and yes, it is actually Month 14, not Month 10, but at this point all that matters is continued progress!  :-)  This has been an exceptionally tough week for me. I lost a dear friend of 23 years to brain cancer. Jill had fought this dreaded disease valiently and with grace for three years. Jill and I had been through a lot during our friendship–we had both been single moms since 1992, when her husband died and I was divorced.

The Danish author and poet, Hans Christian Andersen, was quoted as saying that “A human life is a story told by God.” On Wednesday we celebrated her life and I was honored to be asked by the family to provide a spoken tribute. I was blessed the day Jill and I first shared stories. We cried together over loss and the challenges of life, yes, but we also laughed, oh, how we laughed … like the time we put together a gas barbeque grill with some do-hickey on backwards and almost set her new house on fire!

So this Stitch-A-Long post “Laugh” is in honor of my dear friend (and I’m pretty sure she was having a little giggle when I had to stop in a Walmart to buy underwear in Tampa this week when her memorial service fell in the middle of my business trip to Orlando and one to Tallahassee and I didn’t make in home in between).


So, take some time today to laugh with someone you love!


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    This is a beautiful tribute to Jill. Thank you for sharing.

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