Super Bowl Cake

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Are you ready for some football??? Okay, so the game is really over and the Packers won already.  However, my big task of the day was creating a Super Bowl cake for a party and I wanted to share it before I got into bed tonight.  The party was for some die-hard Steelers fans.  Hopefully, they’ll atill be friendly people tomorrow after the loss!  It was a close, good game and fun was had by all, so I would definitely deem it a success!  Here is the Super Bowl cake I made.  I basically copied a cake I found on the internet related to Super Bowl 2009.  I made very few changes to work with what I had and this was the result:


I was pretty darn happy with the result and so were the people hosting the party.  No fancy flavors here…just one layer of chocolate and one layer of vanilla (11 x 15).  The icing is all fondant except for the black and white lettering.  This took four cake mixes, two batches of fondant and three batches of buttercream icing.  A LOT of sugar to deal with today!!! 

Maybe next time Steelers!



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