Marissa vs. Chocolate

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Do you ever have those days?  You know, the ones that you wake up totally unaware of how terrible it is going to be?!?!  I certainly do and this day was no exception.  The day proved to bring on a serious match for me. 

smallDSC_7389In one corner, 5 inches tall and weighing in at 5 pounds, born from a serious love for all things chocolate, the infamous Chocolate Bomb cake.  His opponent, 5’10”, blankety blank blank pounds, brunette, known to her friends as Betty “the Beat” Crocker…Marissa.  The battle began in the early hours of the afternoon.  Marissa started out with a quick mix, tossing all the ingredients she had at the Bomb.  After throwing in some serious heat (350 degrees to be exact), the Bomb took a shot back and came out swinging and burning.  Marissa went at him again, pouring in a whole other round of flour power, beaten eggs and some pudding to make him extra gushy.  She came out ahead after this one and the two proceeded on to the next round.  The Bomb resisted the gooiness of the ganache and went all grainy on Marissa…creating the necessity for ANOTHER repeat.  He was trying to slowly wear her down and stomp all over her gusto and glory.  Marissa, “the Beat,” wasn’t through yet.  Oh no.  She melted the Bomb’s ganache the second time like the Wicked Witch of the West.  She covered the Bomb with a right, then a left, then a solid pass around the top of him.  It looked like there was no hope left and he was done for.  Finally defeated by the super mom.  But wait.  What’s this?  Marissa is getting into the car to leave and what does the Bomb pull out in the final minutes of the match???  That’s right!  He slides to the right and INTO the wall of the ring, smooshing his ooey gooey frosting all over the ropes!  His beautiful icing detail work all a mess!  Marissa has been conquered!!!  She falls to the ground as the crowd is yelling “boos” and “oos.”  She cries back, hands over her eyes “Not right now kids!  Leave Mommy alone!!!!”

That was at 6:32.  The cake was supposed to be in my friend’s hands at 6:30.  I ran into the house, scraped off the damaged buttercream, whipped up a new batch and re-iced the details.  I managed to get it over to her house by 7:00 after threatening my son’s life if he were to tilt, drop or squish that cake.  Well, not really, but I’m sure HE felt that way!

I have made this cake a MILLION times.  It is by far my favorite, and popular with everyone else who has tried it.  I am certainly no master baker, but I am proud of my Chocolate Bomb.  I guess we ALL have our off days. 


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    Let me finish wiping the tears from my eyes!! I can just see you “squaring off” with the cake, spreader in one hand, beater in the other …

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