I am a Clutter-oholic.

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I am a Clutter-oholic.

So much so, that clutter really doesn’t bother me until it is so awful and overwhelming that I don’t really know where to start.  My sister and mother on the other hand?  They can’t stand the clutter and constantly remind me how much happier I would be if I wasn’t living in a clutter filled house.  I personally don’t think I am on my way to having my name sent in to that Hoarders show (others may disagree) but I definitely have a lot of work to do.  Since quitting my job to stay at home with my kids, I have intended on gutting this house and making it into a living space that we can be proud of and happy with. 

But baby steps, my friends.  First I had to figure out that daily trips to Target were not only costly, but full of bringing home unnecessary crap.  Well, we have finally realized that.  Now I go in to Target less than 4 times a month with a list and usually only come home with one or two things that were not on my list.  Mission Accomplished!

When I was ready to start organizing and fixing things around the house, I broke my foot.  Then I broke my other foot.  While I have been on the couch, I have been doing a lot of “internet-ing” and I came across this organization blog called I’m An Organization Junkie.  I landed on a page that is part of her 52 weeks challenge.  She has challenged her readers to make a list of 52 things that need to be organized, work at it and write about it or comment on her site.  She has a link up section every week and I spent a good two hours clicking through the links. 

These men and women are an organizing army.  They are getting their homes organized and pretty-fied and are blogging about it.

I don’t like to clean, but I do like to blog and blog and blog.  So a little light bulb went off in my head.  If I clean something that means I can blog about it.  There is a little bit of a reward to that even if my only readers are my mom, sister, and sister-in-law plus blogging about it will help hold me accountable.

Long story short, I have joined the 52 Weeks Challenge over at Orgjunkie.com.  The first step is to write a list of 52 things that need to be organized.  I am going to post my list here and as I finish each project, I will write about it: how I did it, what I did, what I would do differently, etc.  Join in with us, will you?  It is never too late to organize!

  1. Bookshelves in living room
  2. Toy basket under the table
  3. Kids’ Learning Time Baskets
  4. Magazines
  5. Sofa Table
  6. Craft Boxes
  7. Entertainment Center
  8. Cookbooks
  9. 2 Junk Drawers and Junk Cabinets in the Kitchen
  10. Pantry
  11. China Hutch
  12. Coat/Shoe rack in foyer
  13. Garage (Ack! That might take a year to finish by itself!)
  14. Hall Closet #1
  15. Hall Closet #2
  16. Big S’s top closet shelf
  17. Kids’ Bathroom cabinet and medicine cabinet
  18. Our Dressers
  19. Printer cupboard
  20. Craft Table
  21. My closet-clothes
  22. Master Bathroom cabinets
  23. Side Tables
  24. Little S’s bookshelf
  25. Big S’s bookshelf
  26. Barbie containers
  27. Jewelry making containers
  28. Coat Closet
  29. Email accounts
  30. Mail holder hanging in kitchen
  31. Gift section of my closet
  32. Shoes
  33. Pictures hanging on wall in dining room
  34. Deep freezer
  35. Fridge/freezer
  36. My Car
  37. Daddy J’s car
  38. Laundry area
  39. Big S’s toy containers
  40. LEGO pieces
  41. Under the beds
  42. Tupperware cabinet
  43. Scrapbook stuff
  44. Wrapping paper supplies
  45. Linen Closet
  46. Camping Gear
  47. Spice rack
  48. Master bath medicine cabinet
  49. DVDs and CDs
  50. Holiday decorations
  51. Cabinet under kitchen sink
  52. Appliance cabinet


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  1. Scatter
    | Reply

    You brave girl!! I’ll be watching you and praying for inspiration. :) 2 broken feet! Now there’s gotta be a post about that!! Good luck. I’ve had one broken foot before, it was not fun!

  2. Org Junkie
    | Reply

    Oh I’m so happy and excited for you! Baby steps make all the difference in the world and before you know it you’ll be well on your way to a clutter free home. Yay!!


  3. Debbie
    | Reply

    We’ll be watching … I think the reason our “intervention” a couple of years ago didn’t take is because you didn’t have the satisfaction of doing it yourself!
    Love you,
    Mom ♥

  4. Marissa
    | Reply

    I am SO excited for you! I totally agree with mom. I also think you should blog about how you are MAINTAINING the other stuff you already organized. You should post at least one picture each week of something you accomplished in a previous post and how it looks “today” with your new post. You can do it! Can’t wait to see!

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