Clutter-oholics Anonymous – Week 1 (9)

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Two weeks ago, I shared my list of 52 things I would like to clean, straighten, declutter or get rid of as part of the 52 Week Challenge at I’m An Organizing Junkie.  I missed the first week (week 9 of the official 52 weeks) because I was preparing to go out of town so I made up for it with three different spaces this week.  The first space I tackled was the kids’ learning time baskets.  Each child has a basket that I keep under the coffee table full of crayons, art supplies, coloring books and activity books.  This is what the area typically looks like:


This is Little S’s learning time box:


And Big S’s:


Who knows how long the basket has been in two pieces.  Little S and I went through the boxes together.  We threw out used up coloring books, pieces of crayon, dried up markers, etc.  Paper went into the recycling bin and the rest went into the trash.  An entire trash bag of trash:


 This is what the area looks like now:




Aaaah…that is nice.  Now, on to the next area of trouble…magazines.  They were in a basket under the same table but I decided to clean this one off in the process:


I cleaned the table off, filed stuff away, and threw stuff away.  I went through the magazines too.  I kept the cooking/food magazine through January of last year because I love to flip through them for new ideas on a regular basis.  All other magazines got recycled.  I kept my husband’s magazines from January of this year on.  Now it looks like this:


The last area I worked on was the entry way coat and shoe rack.  Bleh.


I instituted a new shoe policy.  Each person can have no more than two pairs of shoes on the rack in the entryway at a time.  The rest of the shoes need to be in the shoe box in his or her room!  I put the purses that I am not currently using in their home and hung up the jackets (which will soon be going into the coat closet hopefully…we have had many beautiful days in a row!).  It still looks a little cluttered but I am not sure what to do about it.


It does need to be mentioned that less than three hours after I cleaned all those surfaces, they were covered again by coke cans, paperwork, mail, homework and a cell phone.  I immediately reprimanded the entire family, made them clean up their mess and it was good as new.  I am tired already.

What did you tackle this week?  Don’t know where to get started?  Join the Organizing Junkie and her 52 Weeks of Organizing Challenge!  Next week, I plan on tackling the bookshelf.

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  1. Marissa
    | Reply

    KUDDOS!!! I LOVE IT! Great job on reprimanding the family too. A space is only as clean as EVERYONE in the house can keep it! Wish I were there to see it all come together. I’m looking forward to seeing how far you have come this summer. So fun! Oh my gosh, I am such a freak organiz-oholic!

  2. Handy Man, Crafty Woman
    | Reply

    Wow, great job! looks really great.

  3. Stephanie
    | Reply

    Well done on all that organising! I would love to be as tidy as you are. Good luck with the bookshelves – I did mine, and I’m so glad I did. However, I’m putting off the big jobs for a bit longer!
    Stay decluttered!
    Best wishes,

  4. Brennan's Mom
    | Reply

    I love the idea of learning baskets! That is a great idea (and one I think I’ll have to borrow)! I also like the 2 pairs on the rack – our back entrance can’t handle all my husband’s shoes!!!! Good for you in making it everyone’s job to keep it tidy!

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  6. Allysgrandma
    | Reply

    I am stealing the learning basket too. Granddaughter will be here in 2 weeks, can’t wait!

  7. Jen
    | Reply

    I have to admit that the Learning Time boxes were my sister’s idea! But I will take the credit anyway!!! :-) They are such a great way of keeping everything organized…as long as I clean them out on a regular basis! Thanks so much for all your compliments and kudos…it is definitely motivating!

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