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After seeing Jen’s post a few weeks ago, I became inspired.

And then I got scared.

And then I backed off.

And then I consulted with my husband.

And he was pretty darn excited about it.  Yay!

We started making our list of the 52 things and areas we wanted either organized or de-cluttered (or just cleaned up).  We have a baby (he’s almost one!) and we both work full time so it’s often very difficult to balance work, house chores, play time, relax time, sleep (what’s that?) and still have time to work on things around the house.  But…if we attack one item a week, I think we should be able to do it.  Granted, some of our items are bigger projects than others, but we’ll have to ‘borrow time’ from the easy weeks.  We’re still pretty excited…me more than him, but that’s okay.

So here’s my list:

  1. Bottom of the pantry Week 1
  2. Laundry Room shelf Week 2
  3. Kitchen Junk Drawer Week 3
  4. My dresser drawers What Week Is This?
  5. Bathroom cabinets Week 4
  6. Office Closet
  7. Kitchen Cabinets
  8. Master Bedroom Closet Week 8
  9. Safe (Hub’s area)
  10. Scrap-booking Supply Container
  11. Sewing Project Container
  12. Files (inside and outside) Week 9
  13. Tool Box
  14. Tool Shelves
  15. Dining Room Week 6
  16. Bathroom Drawer & Medicine Cabinet
  17. Books
  18. Dog’s Kennel & Basket What Week Is This?
  19. Lane’s Closet (the ALMOST one-year old)
  20. End Tables
  21. Nightstands
  22. Back Porch Week 7
  23. Shelves in Garage
  24. Tool Bench in Garage
  25. Recycling Bins/Cans Week 5
  26. Front Linen Closet What Week Is This?
  27. Gift Wrapping Containers What Week Is This?
  28. Front Hall Closet What Week Is This?
  29. Ryan’s Mustang
  30. Backyard
  31. Jewelry Boxes
  32. Middle of Garage (Yes, we give it its own name)
  33. Sermon Notes
  34. Recipes
  35. China Cabinet
  36. Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving Decorations
  37. My Car
  38. Craft Idea Book What Week Is This?
  39. ‘Junk’ Tub in Garage
  40. Christmas Decorations
  41. Textbooks
  42. Ribbon Supply
  43. Ledge in Foyer
  44. Cross Stitch Supply Container
  45. Out of Season Clothes
  46. Blankets
  47. Fabric Stash (This will be a doozy)
  48. Beading Supply Container
  49. Photos and Framed Pictures
  50. Medicine Cabinet in Kitchen Week 10
  51. Office Supplies
  52. CD & Movie Collection

Technically you could argue that I’ve already started…we’ll just call it a jump start.  Two weeks ago the hubs went to visit his grandpa out of town. With him gone, I decided to reorganize my craft room a bit. It wasn’t a huge overhaul, but it’s a huge improvement as far as I’m concerned. I’m definitely not done with it, but I think it’s a great start.


Craft Area Before

And after


I bought a simple set of metal shelves from Target. My biggest fear was that they wouldn’t be sturdy enough to withstand the baby pulling up on them.  If you have similar worries, don’t.  While searching for something, I turned around and he was pulling and yanking on them and they weren’t even moving. I got them loaded up and they’re still just as sturdy. Score.

I then ventured to the garage for empty formula canisters. I’ve been saving these like crazy because I just knew there had to be something I could use them for.  I printed out ‘labels’ in various cute fonts onto scrapbook paper and used double sided tape to cover the cans.


Velcro/Elastic Container

Thread Container

Personally, I’m of the ‘do what works for you’ mentality.  This system may not work for everyone, but it’s going quite well for me.  I have a serger, an embroidery machine, and two sewing machines (one small, one industrial).  The machine I use most is the industrial machine, but it only sews forward and backward. For this reason, I typically only use my smaller machine for decorative stitches. These shelves hold all three machines beautifully. Like I said, I’m really lovin’ it so far.

Not sure yet what I’m going to officially tackle first, but here’s a sneak peak at some of the ‘larger’ projects on the list…don’t judge.


Work Bench






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  1. Jen
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    OMG!!! I love that you are doing this too! I love that you shared those pictures with a “don’t judge”! I was telling J and my mom last night that I snapped a picture of the bookshelf before I got to work and when I looked at the picture in the camera I was appalled to see what it really looked like, not how I have gotten used to seeing it.

  2. Paula
    | Reply

    I too, love that you shared your before pictures. Believe me, it makes the rest of us feel better…no judging here!
    I’m very fortunate, I guess, that I’m an Army wife. We move every few years (this time it will be two summers in a row) and I don’t build up a lot of clutter. Oh, who am I kidding, I can build up quite a bit, but I’m forced to clear it and start over fairly often.
    I think each dresser drawer should be a separate project..I’m just sayin’ :)

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