Clutter-oholics Anonymous – Week 1 (Kelley)

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My Clutter-oholics Anonymous ‘Challenge’ is off to a great start. Since posting my list I have been so excited about organizing and cleaning out that I actually had a bit of a hard time deciding what to start on first.  Until…


That’s the big boy (he’s ONE!) telling me in his own special way that the bottom of the pantry needs to be cleaned out. One of his favorite toys right now is the yard stick. He’s in love with swinging it around, dragging it around the kitchen, and ‘fencing’ with the dog (poor Sebastian).  We stayed home from work to celebrate his birthday and after seeing him drag stuff out of the pantry, I decided that this would be my first Clutter-oholics-Anonymous task.  (If you notice, this was also the first item on the list. The kid’s a genius!)

So…first I pulled everything out, vacuumed, and took some wet rags and wiped down the whole floor.  Once everything was pulled out, I realized what a hazard that pantry had become.  I found old plastic bottles (the two-ounce size that formula comes in…meant to recycle them, but we don’t have a No. 5 recycling center anywhere), wood chips for the smoker (mmmm….yummm…..), a bag of failed Christmas ornaments, and various bowls and food items.  The plastic bottles went in the garbage along with the Christmas ornaments. I’d been trying to come up with a craft idea for the bottles, but after months of brainstorming (and my son throwing them all over the kitchen) I gave up and tossed them.  The Christmas ornaments?  These were a failed attempt to make handmade ornaments for a craft group I used to attend. This was also the same time I gave up on Martha Stewart craft projects.  Martha, honey, your projects are beautiful.  But…we need to work on your instructions. After trying to make these stupid things THREE TIMES in a row, I cried like a baby and gave up.  When I found them in the pantry (a whole year later), I had a body shiver and threw them in the garbage.

We buy a lot of our ‘staples’ in bulk.  What doesn’t fit on the shelves, I keep on the floor.  Extra batteries are now in an old formula cannister (it’ll get cute paper covering later), and wood chips are in their own cannister, too.  I hung the grilling utensils on the walls inside the pantry as well as three of the five yard sticks. I didn’t want to cut out too much of the baby’s fun found in the pantry.

IMG_5485 IMG_5487 IMG_5484

I also made  a new grocery bag holder. It’s not as big as the previous one, but it’s new and fresh.  So…the bottom of the pantry is done. Whew…

Next is the utility room/wash room.  This one’s going to be a lot more involved…and will probably involve me using a cordless drill. I can’t wait.

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