Clutter-oholics Anonymoms – Week 3 (11)

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This week I had an AHA! moment.  The first week I joined the 52 Week Challenge, I completed three items on my list.  None of the items were small either.  All three were time consuming and desperately needed cleaned.  Last week, I assumed that life got the best of me and I only had time to declutter one item on my list.  This week?  Same thing.  Only one item.  BUT…

I was able to maintain all four other areas.  The rest of my house? Not so much, but those four areas that I labored over are still clean.  I realized that this task is supposed to take 52 weeks because you can’t clean it all in a few weeks and continue to maintain what you have already cleaned and decluttered.  My hope is to make sure that if I have decluttered it, it stays that way. 

So what did I tackle this week?  The entry way wall opposite of the coat and shoe rack (which is still clean as you will see!)…


I chose this area for several reasons.  The most important was that we are getting new countertops delivered on Sunday and I don’t want a delivery man falling over my little vacuum cord.  I also decided I should probably unpack that suitcase since we have been home from our weekend trip for a week now.  I bought this shelf unit and the boxes at IKEA as a solve to the “I don’t have a craft room” problem.  Each box is very organized and labeled but, as you can see, when we bought the shelf addition we had extra space and I hadn’t put the boxes together.  We just started stacking stuff and then it just got worse and worse.  The boxes just sat stacked and not put together for months…maybe even over a year.  That green box sitting on top of the shelf?  That is a Christmas decoration that didn’t make it into the box when we packed up Christmas.  Still sitting there.  Three and a half months later.

I started by putting together the boxes, organizing the junk that had somehow found a home in the little nooks and on top of the unit.  I unpacked, moved the water to the kitchen and put the vacuum away.  Then I went through what we call the gift card basket. 


Anytime someone gets a gift card, it goes in this basket (along with other important stuff that I don’t want to lose but don’t want to take the time to put away…like my daughter’s passport…from a trip last February…like 2010).  The problem is that it hasn’t been cleaned out in…I don’t know…forever and we don’t even know what we have.  I got that cleaned out, went through the giftcards, called about balances if they were unmarked and put them back in the basket.

Now, this is what you see when you walk in my front door.


I placed a charger on top of the shelf to catch keys, watches, sunglasses, MP3 players, etc.  So far, it has helped with the clutter on other flat surfaces as well!


What did you declutter this week?

Stop by OrgJunkie to see other people’s messes…it will make me feel better!  :-)

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  1. Kelley
    | Reply

    LOVE it! Wow! I love the idea of using the charger for ‘catching’ stuff. We have a basket, but things get lost in the bottom and then it too becomes junky.

  2. Heidi
    | Reply

    Keep up the great work! It looks wonderful. I, too like the idea of a charger, but currently have no place to put one. . .

  3. Wow – what a difference!

    I organized our shoes this week and put a few baskets on top. What a difference it has made already!

  4. Shannon
    | Reply

    That looks great…we’ve been toying with the idea of getting that kind of IKEA shelving for our living room and I think yours looks great – I’ll have to show my husband how great it looks and maybe it will arrive in my living room sooner rather than later ;)

  5. Michelle
    | Reply

    That looks amazing! I love the IKEA shelving and the boxes! I want some! :)

  6. Marissa
    | Reply

    That is a HUGE ta-da!!! Are all of the insides of the boxes organized??? That’s an entire clean corner of the house! awesome!

  7. Allysgrandma
    | Reply

    I love that Ikea cabinet/shelf. It’s time to visit Ikea!

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