Clutter-oholics-Anonymous Week 2 (Kelley)

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This week was a bit of a struggle because of some sickies running through the house.  Thankfully, we’re on the mend and the light at the end of the tunnel…well, let’s just say that someone finally changed the light bulb.  This week I cleaned up and organized the laundry room.  Originally I had only wanted to organize the top shelf of the laundry room, but after some thought I decided that it needed more than that.  This ‘room’ is really a closet and it has caused me a bit of grief every since we got married and I moved in.

Awww….can you not see into the laundry room? That’s because I have to hang things on the door frame for them to dry…which my husband HATES.  Okay…here you go…now for a real look…

IMG_5498 IMG_5499 IMG_5500

You can see how ‘organized’ that top shelf is…the method of choice being to throw stuff up there and pray it doesn’t fall back down. The bottles of detergent and bleach on the floor?  Sigh…yet another thing the baby finds fascinating.  The top of the dryer, as hard as I might try, always ends up being the ‘catch all’ for various junk. And the bulletin board?  It is ugly as well as junked up.

I started with the top shelf. I got rid of a lot of things, moved out things I rarely needed (the box of light bulbs, for example), and organized what I did need. Again, we buy paper products in bulk, so I like having them stacked together.  After that top shelf was cleaned up, I decided I wanted another shelf.  It just so happened that we had a scrap piece of shelving left over from another project so I installed that on the right side of the room.  I moved the bleach bottles, Oxy-clean, fabric softeners, and ‘soaking buckets’ on the shelf. This cleaned up the stuff on the floor as well as the top of the dryer.  I put the large bottles of laundry detergent on the center shelf directly above the washing machine.


I recovered my cork board with a piece of cheery fabric. My clothespins (that I use quite frequently) were normally kept in an old popcorn box that was always misplaced.  Using the same fabric, I used a clothes hanger (kiddie sized) and make a snappy new clothespin holder.

IMG_5511 IMG_5512

I’m pretty pleased with the end product.  There’s nothing on the floor (except for the laundry basket), the top of the dryer is clean (except for my ‘lonely-sock basket’), and I don’t have to hang clothes in the door way.  The hubs is pretty stinkin’ pleased, too.  So please, that he’s now promised to shorten the dryer vent duct so the dryer will scoot further back into the room and actually line up with the washing machine. And that’s what I call a win.


He’s now asking what the next project will be. Hmmmm…..


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  1. Paula
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    It looks wonderful! I love how crafty you girls are with the fabric. No way I would have ever pulled off that clothes pin project.
    I love having shelves. I have such limited space in this house that I’m constantly adding storage up instead of out.

  2. Jen
    | Reply

    Seriously can not believe you got all that done this week with everything else going on. It looks great and I love the extra shelving. Your bulletin board and clothespin holder are so cute! I love that he is asking what the next project will be!!!

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