Clutter-oholics Anonymous – Week 6 (14)

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Even though the last time I posted a Clutter-oholics post was three long weeks ago, I promise I have been doing some organizing.  The projects took a little longer than I had thought they would and I just didn’t have the energy to post!  The first thing I did was clean out three email accounts.  No pictures for that one!

The second thing we did was clean up the kitchen to get new counter tops installed.  We just went with a high end laminate because we didn’t want to spend the money on a solid surface.  We are very happy with the counter tops! 


Now we just need to rip down the old border and paint when we get around to it!

The third thing we worked on were the children’s rooms…cue the horror music now.  I give you Big S’s before picture:


I know, I know…the clutter issue runs in the family.  And the after picture (ignore the lego pieces…he was playing after cleaning!):


And I give you Little S’s room (look away fast!):


And after:


The only thing left is to make the beds!  The plan is to paint their rooms as well…we will see if we get around to it.  What have you been cleaning up lately?

Stop by OrgJunkie to see other people’s messes…it will make me feel better!  :-)

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    The counters look great!

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