Clutter-oholics-Anonymous Weeks 5 & 6 (Kelley’s)

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The past two weeks have been pretty busy, but I’ve managed to still tackle some things on my list.  I’ve been wanting to blog about them, but haven’t been able to find the time.

Last week I tackled my recycling bins. This is one of those projects that I’m really proud of.  This year one of my New Year’s resolutions goals was to start recycling.  Don’t get me wrong, I hate throwing usable items away (my garage is proof of that), but I wanted to go further and actually start recycling for real.  We aren’t single-handedly saving the rain forests, but we’re making a commitment and (hopefully) will be a good example to our son.

Since January I’ve been using three old garbage cans for my recycling station.  The ‘sorting system’ was fairly crude and the method for getting it to the recycling station even more so.  Last week, with my husband’s help, we made a new and improved recycling station and I SO love it.  Before, I had three garbage cans and a cardboard box.  About every two weeks we’d make a trip to the station and dump everything.  It was a messy affair, let me tell you.

Recycling Station Before

But now….now I have a true-blue recycling station. I have five cans that are all held in this frame (that the spouse built) which takes up less floor space than the three garbage cans.  I have a can for glass, one for plastic, one for metal, one for cardboard, and another for newspaper and egg crates (combined because we have so little of these).  Now I know what you’re thinking…’The cans are smaller so you have to make more trips.’  Well, sort of. I’ve started crushing the plastics and it’s working out about the same (forgive the furniture clamps holding it together…we ran out of wood screws and haven’t made it back to the store for more…but you get the general idea).

Recycling Bins Side View

The beauty of this project (and the part that I came up with all on my own) is that when we take it down to the recycling station, I have little ‘shower caps’ to fit over the tops of the tubs.  Even if the can’s contents are overflowing (like the one on the right), the ‘shower cap’ still fits over the top and holds everything.  Also, because they’re fabric, I can throw them in the washing machine should they get stinky.  When not in use, I store the caps on the post of the holder.

Caps on the cans Caps stored on the post

This past week I tackled the dining room.  Next month will be our five-year anniversary and I’ve finally found a place for our crystal that we received as wedding gifts.  It never fit in our china cabinet (too tall for the shelves) and the boxes were too wide to put in our kitchen cabinets. I finally shifted enough stuff around and made room in our pantry for the crystal.  The miscellaneous ‘items’ were put in their rightful places (in some cases that being the garbage), and we centered up the table. Not sure yet if this table is going to make the final cut as we’ve learned in this de-cluttering project that if there’s a flat surface, we’ll put stuff there. But…so far so good.

Before No more glasses!Before A clean room!

On to another project for this week. How are your projects going?


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