Clutter-oholics – What week is it anyway?!?! 11 (for me) I think!

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It is the end of the school year (only two more weeks to go…YAY!) and we have been in and out of town all month so decluttering hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped.  I have checked off a few things but I am hoping that once summer is here things will calm down a bit.  We have a few trips planned, but I am hoping to have time to continue my decluttering journey and also to craft!!  You will probably see more kid’s crafts as I will be trying to find lots of things to entertain my 4 and 6 year old!

This week I tackled a project I had been dreading…two of the three hall closets.  This closet contains a number of craft items that as you can see are just thrown in the closet with no organization at all.  I broke my foot at Christmas in the midst of a million craft projects and as we put stuff away I just threw them in to the closet.


I couldn’t even find something in there if I tried!  I organized all the craft stuff, threw away trash, and put some items to be sold in a garage sale.  I am still trying to decide if Christmas Cookie Monster gets to stay…my kids love him.  Maybe he can move to Grandma’s house to live with the other singing Christmas toys!


Next, I tackled the second hall closet that I have really been dreading.  We affectionately call this closet the crap closet.  Some people have a junk drawer but we have a crap closet. 


As I was cleaning out the closet, I found that the majority of the junk in the closet were holiday items that we missed while putting them away each holiday.  You know when you clean up Christmas you always find that one decoration that didn’t make it into the boxes before they got put in the attic?  Well, we should have been calling this closet the Closet of Lost Decorations because that was mostly what was in it!  That and trash.


With all this free closet space, my next major project (oh and it will be a major one) is to clean Craft Central out of our bedroom and put it in the closet. 

What are you organizing this week?  Stop by Org Junkie to see what everyone is organizing!


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  1. Gabe
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    Wow, what a difference! The closets look great, and you have so much more space now! It looks like you could even consolidate the two and have a whole closet opened up! Good job!

  2. Marissa
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    O.M.G!!! Look at all of that empty space! What a wonderful feeling, huh???

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