Clutter-oholics Anonymous Week 12 (for Jen!)

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This week we had company in town and I didn’t have much time to work on de-cluttering the house.  We have been working over the past few weeks painting.  We painted the kids’ rooms and then we painted the kitchen.  In the kitchen, we now have nice new countertops, scrubbed clean cabinets, and a fresh coat of paint.  Then you see this:


This isn’t even as bad as it was before we pulled the fridge out to paint.  A bunch of the junk on the fridge fell off and we just piled it on a table until we could clean that up!  Now it looks like this:


I will probably clear some more magnets off but, for now, it makes me happy to see some white space on the refrigerator!

What have you been organizing this week?


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