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Today I would like to share with you my FAVORITE plant in my garden.

If you remember, the last time I posted about my garden, I was in the early planning stages.  I had not even bought my seeds yet.  I was hoping to post a weekly or bi-weekly writing as my garden grew, but that darn job I went and got, totally took up my extra time! :) 

Before I start talking about my favorite vegetable, a reminder…all of my plants were started from seeds (all but one – I went out and bought some thyme because my seeds never grew.  I don’t think my dill is going to take either, so I might have to buy one of those as well).  I have had great luck growing from seeds in this yard and it seems silly to waste money on plants that are already growing.

Seed growing is not as hard as you think it is!!!  I did directly sow several of the seeds inside before the last frost was “supposed” to hit.  It was annoying trying to keeping them in the sunlight because of the way our windows are set up, but other than that, the seedlings inside did not take any fantastic amount of work.  Instead of spending money on all sorts of growing supplies, I planted my seedlings in used cardboard egg cartons, which are biodegradable (my kindergartener was learning ALL about recycling so this was a great “reusing” learning opportunity too!).  Here are my little K’s pumpkins as they started to grow!!!



 So around mid-April it was time to transplant the indoor sows as well as get the “direct” sowings into the ground, which I did.  By the end of May my garden looked like this:


 Not an excellent picture, right?  There are mostly just a bunch of seedlings spaced at the suggested intervals (per the seed packets).  The greenery towards the top of the picture are our radishes – which have done AMAZING.  We have easily picked over 100 radishes to date!  You can also see the mesclun, which I have since relocted.

Well, this is what my garden looks like now, and it is SO fun to take care of it on a daily basis!


Same exact plot as above, but stuff is actually growing!  SO COOL!!!

But I did start this entire post with the statement: 

Today I would like to share with you my FAVORITE plant in my garden.

So, what is my favorite plant so far?!?!  MESCLUN!!!  Mesclun is basically the fancy shmancy spring mix of salad you buy in the grocery store.  It is growing SO WELL and we are able to eat a full fresh salad out of the garden every evening!  I simply go out to pick my lettuce,


 spin it in my new salad spinner (which was TOTALLY worth the $30 I spent on it!),


and add whatever fun ingredients we feel like adding that day. It is terrific…AND healthy…AND all natural!  If you have a garden and have never tried it, I highly recommend planting some mesclun or some other clippable lettuce mix in your garden. 

I cannot wait for all the tomatoes, peppers, etc, to come to fruition so I can add those to the salad!

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  1. What a great idea, to start your plants in a recycled egg carton! I live in MN, so our Spring weather can be finicky. And I’m totally jealous of your Spring Mix freshly picked nightly! Someday. Someday I’ll have my own garden.

    • Marissa
      | Reply

      Thank you! You can totally do it. I will definitely use the egg carton idea again. It was incredibly successful getting the seeds started in those.

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