Reason #2 why I love having a garden…


I am not great at planning ahead.  I am a “spur of the moment, it needs to be done, so let’s take care of it now” sort of girl.  For days I have been thinking of how I need to run to the grocery store and pick up a sweet little bouquet of flowers.  Today is my daughter’s dance recital and heaven forbid you be the mom that shows up without flowers for her little star!  Not to mention, she totally deserves them!

Of course, this weekend dad and brother are out of town so it is just me and my dancer.  How am I supposed to go buy her flowers?  I have been thinking and thinking and the opportunity just never arose.  I figured today I would just drop her with a neighbor and run out really quick.  Then it dawned on me:

Uh, MARISSA you have a ton of beautiful flowers growing in the backyard.  Surely some of them are ready to be picked?!  ABSOLUTELY!

I LOVE being able to walk out of my back door and pick flowers for a gorgeous bouquet!  Do you think she’ll like it?  Beats a bouquet of carnations any day, huh?

So, this morning while she slept I ran out back and clipped the following from my garden: canna flowers, tigerlilies, zinnia, one of the large canna leaves (very tropical looking) and one of my ground covers for the white-ish gray accent.  I am not sure what the ground cover is.  It is somewhat soft like lamb’s ear.  So let me know if you know what that stuff is! 


I also didn’t have the other main item to making this bouquet work…cellophane.  Instead, I found the most water resistant wrapping paper on hand (with no markings on the back of it).  I cut it into a triangle and laid the prepared bouquet on top of it.  Then I wrapped the paper around the bouquet so it would be inside out and taped it to secure it.  Of course, as I am typing this, I am thinking to myself how I should have just cut some parchment paper and it would have done just as well.


I don’t have any pictures with it, but I am also going to tie a 2 inch wide ribbon around the bouquet for the last finishing touch.  I think she will think it is the most beautiful, special bouquet ever.  I am so proud of my ballerina!



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  1. Debbie
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    Not only very beautiful, but VERY cost effective and you didn’t have to wait in line like I did! :-)

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