Clutter-oholics — Summer Trip Mementos

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As my girls can attest, I do not have a lot of clutter around the house (and am getting even more “minimalist” the older I get).  I collect two things (three, if you count friends!) – cookbooks/recipes and magnets/pins.  Both of which are usually purchased during my travels.  I enjoy looking at them, but got tired of my refrigerator looking like this (found this picture on some realtor’s website — how your refrigerator should NOT look if you are trying to sell your house!):













So, a couple of years ago I purchased some small sheets of metal at the local “big box” home improvement store and nailed them up on a bare wall out in the garage by the washer/dryer – make sure you have a magnet with you when shopping for the sheet metal … not all metal will hold a magnet (a lesson learned the hard way). Luckily on this last trip I had a work nametag in my purse!














This idea would also work if you have a laundry room with bare walls.  I just had to buy another sheet and decided to share this idea to “de-clutter” something you have to look at multiple times every single day (the refrigerator), yet allows you to still keep these memory reminders somewhere where you can enjoy looking at them every single day!  Hmmm…I guess when I get every single other home improvement project done around here–after I finish my dissertation–I may think about painting the interior of the garage, the walls are pretty dingy looking!  Good thing I have those colorful mementos to look at to take the focus off of the dirty walls! :-)

And, if there are no magnets available at whatever “tacky” tourist trap we’re visiting, I will purchase a pin — and since I don’t wear ball caps, these get repurposed to become “tacks” on the bulletin board in my guest room!











Happy Summer Souvenir Shopping!


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