What Week is This?

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I’ve been so busy with work and child and husband that I seriously fell off track. BUT, I’ve still been working on it. While I certainly haven’t tackled a project each week, I have tackled some of them. Now that we’re house hunting, I’m on a mission to get the rest of this place de-cluttered and organized.

I tackled my ‘craft project book’. I now have dividers separating each craft category with each craft project contained in its own page protector. If I wasn’t interested in the project anymore, it went in the trash. The book now is much thinner and is something I actually want to dig in to.

Craft Idea Book

My linen closet is somewhat ‘tight’, meaning my shoulders don’t actually fit in the doorway. However, I try to make the most of the space that I have. I found some spare ribbon and tied each sheet set together.  I’ve found that I love this method because it keeps the entire set together. Pillowcases go between the sheets, ribbons go around the set, and it’s a happy family.


Linen Closet Before


Linen Closet After

Our hall closet is a place where we stash all kinds of stuff crap. In this closet I have a tub containing nothing but gift bags, gift boxes, and tissue paper.  It. Was. A. Mess.  I pulled everything out, reorganized the bags by occasion, placed a few sheets of matching tissue paper in each bag, and neatly put them back in the tub.  I cleared out about half of them. So liberating!   I also have another tub in the closet where I keep gifts. These are gifts I purchase throughout the year…things I find on a great sale, things I find that would be loved by certain people, or even things that I know will come in handy when it’s Sunday night and I remember that I’m supposed to take a generic gift to work for someone.  I’m not a hoarder, I swear…I just plan ahead.  I cleared out quite a few gifts and ‘set dates’ for when others were going to be given away.  See all those coats and jackets? I cleared about 60% of them out. Some went to the thrift store and some went in the attic (we only get to wear jackets for about three months in Florida…which makes them last forever…which kinda stinks in a way).


Hall Closet Before


Hall Closet After

The dog kennel is something that’s been seriously annoying to me.  Anytime we sit in the living room and try to enjoy a movie, I stare at the kennel and give it the stink eye.  After cleaning out the basket and loving how clean it looks, we’re actually considering putting up the kennel altogether.


Kennel Before


Kennel After

The kitchen cabinets have also been de-cluttered. I cleared out a few Pyrex items that I haven’t used in years, but I also bought a new set of casserole dishes (OH! Did I mention that my new hobby is cooking?!?!  Yes! I’m cooking!).  Anyway, the cabinets have been cleaned out and it feels so much better to look for dishes and actually find them.  I’ve recently discovered milk crates for organizing. One milk crate holds all my mixing/blending/chopping appliances.  Before the crate, all of that stuff was scattered in the bottom of the cabinet…another mess (I SO wish I had a before picture).


Pyrex Cabinet


Appliance Cabinet

My dresser drawers also were tackled. All the shirts that were too tight or too floppy either went to the attic or the thrift store. I now have stuff that fits and it’s organized and…less stressful.


Shirt Drawer


Pants Drawer

I haven’t accomplished as much as I had hoped, but I’m working on it.  With my new motivation, I’m hoping to see more steady progress.

Have you done any organizing and what’s your motivation?


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