A Quick Donation Quilt

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There’s a huge Christmas charity event that happens each year where I work. They poll area schools for 100 children to come out, ‘meet Santa’, attend a party, and…the best part…get presents.  This event is huge. I mean HUGE. They plan for it all year, host several fundraisers, and it always makes the local newspapers.  They allow the teachers to select the students and then they take it from there to make sure each child is taken care of.  I’ve seen it two years now and each time it makes me cry.

As the Christmas party gets closer, they have a silent auction to have one last fundraiser before the party. Each year I’ve wanted to donate something, but having time to prepare was always my problem (time is almost ALWAYS my problem). This year, though…this year I planned ahead and made a lap quilt to go in the auction.

I know it’s a simple design, but I’m a sucker for a good ol’ square patterned quilt.  I love the simplicity of them, the allowed randomness, and, I don’t know, I just like ’em.  I made this one in red, white, and blue fabrics (that I bought in a yard sale!). While I did follow a diagonal blue and red pattern, I didn’t follow a pattern in how to arrange the various patterns of fabric. I used 9 different patterns and didn’t worry if one of the squares was touching the same pattern…I just went with it.

I did run into a little issue about which I’d like to give a ‘quilting tip’. I wasn’t paying close attention to how wide my quilt top was in relation to my back fabric. The top was about 2-3 inches wider than the back.  I really didn’t want to remove a row of squares and make it narrower  (the quilt measures 43″ wide and 56″ long).  So I started thinking…I made my bias tape for the edges and instead of making the top side equal to the bottom side, I simply made the bottom about twice the width as the top. You can see in the pictures what I mean.


Because I was using fabric from a ‘grab bag’ found in a yard sale, I was on a bit of a ‘budget’ for the backing fabric.  I didn’t have a large enough fabric piece to use for the entire back, so I ended up using four different fabrics (all were also used in the quilt top) to complete the back.  I was a bit afraid of how it would turn out, but now I love it. It’s truly a scrap quilt!

 (Pardon the junk on the shelves. The craft room is a work in progress.


Do you have any crafts or ideas that you frequently use for donation items?

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  1. Debbie
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    Kelley – This is a fabulous idea and I’m sure it will be a hit for the silent auction (especially with the “patriotic” color choices!).

  2. Paula
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    I love the quilt! As an Army Wife, I love all things Americana. I have just started my first quilt for my first grandbaby and I have to tell ya… I don’t know how “quick” and “Quilt” go in the same sentence :) Maybe one day I will be better at this.

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