Pie Crust

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I was in the grocery store today and the refrigerator pie crusts were on sale for $2.29 for a brand that will remain nameless.  My first thought – I NEED TO GO INTO THE PIE CRUST MAKING BUSINESS!!!

Why?  Well, have you ever made your own pie crust before?  I hadn’t until four days ago.  It is RIDICULOUSLY easy. 

My husband and I were discussing our current food cravings and the first thing he wanted was a pumpkin pie.

“But sweetheart,” I told him, “I don’t have any pie crusts.”

My spoiled husband’s response was, “well can’t you just make one?”

I had never tried before and had no idea what went into it.  I explained to him I would probably have to use yeast and let the dough rise and all those fun things.  I also had NO motivation to go to the store to buy a pre-made pie crust.  I get an F- on that one.  I could not have been farther from correct.

Later in the day I turned to my trusty old allrecipes.com and looked up a pie crust recipe.  OMG, I cannot believe I have never made a pie crust in my 30 years.  It takes only four ingredients, and ten minutes of your time.  You know what else?  I think it made a BIG difference in the taste.  It was the best pumpkin pie I had ever eaten, even with our family’s well guarded secret recipe (I think Libby’s stole it though because last I checked it was on the back of their pumpkin pie can).

So here is the recipe for homemade pie crust.  Try it and see how yours tastes.

I have no picture because the pie disappeared far too quickly.  If I remember, I’ll post one next time (which according to my husband is going to be soon).

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    Good for you! I never minded the mixing part, but always HATED the rolling out part (which is hilarious since I used to have a rolling pin collection!).

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