Stitch-A-Long: FINISHED

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Okay, so it turned out to be a 25 month Stitch-A-Long, rather than a 12 month Stitch-A-Long, but it is still FINISHED! And, I do like this method of taking large projects and breaking them up into “doable” chunks.









I’m afraid the budget doesn’t allow for a gorgeous double -matted frame job, so what to do, what to do?  I reached way back into my “toolbox” of sewing skills (WAY back, haven’t made a quilt or wall hanging in years!), and decided to turn it into a little wall hanging. I found some sweet fabric to reflect some of the dominant colors which are also found in my office (I spend much more time there than at home, so decided that is where it will hang — it will also help on some of those challenging days to remember these “Living with Charm” words).

I considered how wide I wanted the finished product to be, and decided that I wanted the emphasis on the stitching so the borders and binding are fairly narrow.












It needed a little something to give it some form, but I didn’t want to use iron-on interfacing.  I had some leftover pieces of soft white flannel which worked perfectly!










Then it was time for the binding … It has been a while since I mitered a corner, so Google was my friend!  I found this great free tutorial online at Jaybird Quilts.



















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  1. Paula
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    I love this! I am a very novice sewer and I’m enjoying reading about your projects.

  2. Debbie
    | Reply

    Thank you, Paula. We try to keep them easy and uncomplicated!

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