Chocolate Pretzel Pieces

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Salty Sweet is one of my favorite flavor combinations.  Wait, is that a flavor?  In any case, I LOVE it!  This recipe is a super easy, super fast one that both kids and adults will love.  It is also a terrific recipe to get your kids involved in.  Admittedly, I am sitting and directing the “baking” of this recipe while writing the blog post for it.  It’s awesome to have such great helpers when I am feeling super lazy and just don’t feel like getting off my big preggo butt am 20 weeks pregnant and need to get rest every opportunity I can.  Of course, I have to get up on occasion to take a picture of my adorable assistants.  My children are unwrapping the candy pieces, arranging everything on the baking sheet, etc.  This is a great opportunity to teach the kids (project manager is 10 and his worker bee is 6 years old) the important steps of cooking/baking: tying hair back, washing hands multiple times, procedures with hot items, and more. 

We made this treat to give in a Valentine goody bag for the kids’ school teachers, and also for a little dessert to bring to a friend’s house this evening.  The kids are always so excited to give their teachers presents that they get to create on their own!!!

Chocolate Pretzel Pieces (number of servings typically decided on the number of Rollo candy pieces)

  • 1 bag of Rollo candy pieces (our batch had 56)
  • 1 small bag pretzels, either the small twists or snaps (the square ones…I think these work best)
  • 1 bag of m&ms








Place the pretzels in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Unwrap the Rollo pieces and place one directly in the middle of each pretzel.  Place in preheated oven and bake 1 – 2 minutes, just long enough to melt chocolate pieces.  Remove from oven and place one m&m on the top middle of each melted Rollo.  Push the m&m down enough to flatten/squish the Rollo.  Refrigerate immediately to set.  Enjoy!

This recipe can be created with any of your favorite chocolate pieces (anything that melts) and candy pieces for the top.  I have made this with Hershey Kisses to melt and pecans on top, etc…  You decide!!!

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Debbie
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    Love your cute helpers! :-) Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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