Time Saver Tips: Grated Cheese

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There are few things that I hate to do in the kitchen but grate cheese is one of them.  We don’t buy shredded cheese at the grocery store because of the additives used to keep it from sticking together.  Also, it just tastes different.  We prefer to grate our own cheese at home.

It is a huge pain.  I usually make my husband grate it and he doesn’t like the job either.  We recently joined Costco and found 2 pound blocks of cheese for less than 7 dollars.  This is a huge savings because a regular block of cheese, weighing 8 ounces, usually costs me about $2.00 or $2.50 if I catch a good sale.  We bought several to try but grating these 2 pound blocks of cheese?

Time Saver Tips, Shredded Cheese - ThreadedTogether.com

No thank you.

That was when I remembered that my food processor came with a grating blade.  I sliced the cheese into four manageable pieces and put it through the processor.


Voila!  Fresh grated cheese whenever I want it ready for me in my fridge.  I store it in a one gallon Zip-Loc bag.  We go through a bag of cheese like this about once a week.

Time Saver Tips, Shredded Cheese - ThreadedTogether.com

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