Crispy Celery

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Has your celery lost its snap?  My daughter was in need of some celery today and I had to inform her that ours, sadly, had gone limp.  Apparently this was okay for her because she actually needed it for the snowman she was bringing to life outside.  But this is not okay if you want to put some peanut butter on it and have it for lunch!

With our change to a plant-based, whole foods diet (Marissa’s family), I have learned a TON about buying fruits and vegetables.  First and foremost – cashiers at grocery stores watch me walk towards their line with that willful stare.  I know they are thinking to themselves, “please done choose me, please don’t choose me.”  My basket full of foods that must all be weighed and have their numbers typed into the computer WAY just screwed their chances for the award of fastest scanner of the week.  And yes, I used to work at a grocery store and that IS a real award.

Second – the most difficult part about this way of life is the planning.  Eating unprocessed, unprepared food takes a lot of work.  Not just the cooking itself.  That part is hit or miss.  The meal is either SUPER fast, or SUPER slow because there are a million steps.  Like my lasagna.  There are about a million ingredients in my lasagna and they must all be prepared BEFORE being layered and baked.  My husband calls these “Marissa Meals” because the kitchen looks like the dishwasher at a busy restaurant just took a two hour break.  In reality though, the most time I spend is in planning our menu before doing my grocery shopping.  Enough food for all the meals for one week – yes, that is A LOT of vegetables.  But I have to balance this with not buying SO much that we are throwing out the bad stuff at the end of the week that we didn’t eat.

In comes the celery.  I bought three bundles of celery this week, and we made it through half of the last package before it lost its luster.  I was planning to throw it away.  Luckily, when my daughter and I were discussing our snap-less celery, I was FaceTiming my mother.  She quickly informed me of a super easy way to bring that snap back!  In retrospect, I’m somewhat ashamed that my gardening self didn’t know this little trick, but now I do…and YOU do too!

So, how do you make celery crisp again?  Cut the white bottom part off and stick it in a glass of water!  I didn’t time it, but the celery was nice and crisp and snappy and whatever you want to call it less than a couple hours later when I checked it.  I am REALLY looking forward to my peanut butter and celery snack now!



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    Yay! So glad it worked! :-)

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