How to Make an Up-Cycled Work Bench Out of Cabinets

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***Big sigh***  I have so much to talk about tonight I don’t know where to begin!

Should I tell you about remodeling my second bathroom, the kids’ bath, which is currently gutted?  I am doing it all myself except I had a plumber come out yesterday to run a line for a second sink (there was a HUGE vanity with only one sink in it before…uh, DUH! cheap builders).  And yes, I totally did my that sheet rock patch job.  I am woman, hear me ROOOOOAAARRR!

Yay!  There's going to be two sinks!           Yup!  I totally did that patch job!

Or should I tell you about the HUGE leak that sprung in my MASTER bathroom/bedroom today???  Apparently, there has been a long slow leak we didn’t know about.  Well, yesterday we had to turn the water off to run the second line in the other bathroom.  What most likely happened: when we turned the water back on there was a powerful surge of air and water to the cracked hot water line attached to the shower in the master bath.  This helped make the crack just a little bit bigger to create a FLOWING leak.  I discovered it this morning when I woke up and walked into the bathroom.  I thought the dogs had peed in the dang house!  I even yelled at them!  I cleaned it up, ran errands, came home and stepped in pee, again!  Oh wait, uh, that’s not pee…that’s a completely saturated carpet…AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Luckily, I seem to have found a great plumber.  The same guy and his apprentice returned (I should add they totally worked around my schedule both yesterday and today) and fixed it right up.  Since I just got plenty of practice yesterday as seen above, I told them to leave the hole as is and I will fix it myself.  So this is what my master bedroom looks like now.  ***Big sigh again***


No, I don’t want to dwell on the negative, so instead I think I will tell you about the work bench I made for myself out of the old cabinets from the kids’ bath!


So let’s get on with it!  I have been bit by the building bug!  It is all my cousin’s fault actually.  She kept posting pictures of furniture she was building…HERSELF!  Beds.  Dressers.  End Tables.  They are beautiful!  I was so impressed!  And she shared her secret with me.  Are you ready?  Sshhhhhhhhhhh…don’t tell anyone:

it is really easy!

Crazy, right?!  Well, she was right.  She gave an awesome tutorial, told me the best tools to start out with, and she created a monster!  But I have really had no where to work.  So I decided I would turn my old cabinets into a workbench that I could roll around in my garage.  I only spent about $25 on a piece of low grade plywood to use as the top and bottom, and six caster wheels ($3 each?).  Everything else was upcycled!  Here’s how I did it!

I started with the top piece of plywood (the boys at the big Blue Box Hardware Store cut it in half lengthwise for me) and screwed it to the existing holes from the old counter top (you have to reach into the cabinets to do this).


Then I flipped it over and screwed the other piece of plywood into the bottom of the cabinets.  I pre-drilled these holes so the particle board on the cabinets wouldn’t split.

Next I screwed each of the wheels on I went back and bought two with brakes on them later as the bench was rolling around too much.


Last, I even up-cycled the towel holders I removed from the bathroom and attached them to various useful places on the cabinets!


Voila!  A VERY cheap, very custom, very useful, out-of-the-way work bench!


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