St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!

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IMG_1529 Each year, my husband and I throw a St. Patrick’s Day party.  It is our big bash of the year and has become its own monster.  Our guest list is nearing 200 this year (proof we have lived in one area too long and it is time for the Navy to ship us elsewhere!) and we are SUPER excited about it.  We are hoping beyond hope that the weather holds well enough for us to use some of our outdoor space for the event.  If not, there is going to be one wet, lonely bounce house in the middle of our backyard. :/ We have almost outgrown using our house for the party and it is very possible that next year we will have to hold it at an event space (o.m.g).  This started as basically a big neighborhood party and now includes friends from all over the city as well as my husband’s office.  Planning a party for over 100 people takes a lot of time and effort.  There are a few things we were willing to relinquish control of this year – mainly the food.  We decided it was worth it to have the event semi-catered, to take the stress of food prep off of us (now, if I had my DREAM kitchen I TOTALLY could have done it myself….are you reading honey???).  I will still be making the desserts and veggie plates, etc., but we will have BBQ and sides from a local butcher.  The healthy eating is totally being thrown out the window this weekend! We had to move a great deal of furniture around to allow for extra standing room, and the kegerator is out on our back deck.  The keg-er-what???  Kegarator.  A refrigerator for a keg.  Only my husband would know where to borrow one of those from! When it comes to decorations, we tried to keep it minimal.  97 cent plastic table cloths from Wally World.  Green bows to tie back the curtains.  I even wrapped ribbon around the cupboards…I haven’t decided how much I like that.  My two favorite decorations though, are my sign that says, in Gaelic, “St. Patrick’s Day Blessings Upon You,” and the clovers hung from the ceiling. To make the sign I used a green sheet to cover a large 4×4 foot existing painting on our mantle.  I stapled the sheet onto the backside of the canvas frame using a staple gun and I painted the saying on the front using white acrylic paint.  It is simple, and I think I have hideous painting penmanship, but it definitely adds some Irish flavor to the room. IMG_1537 We found a tutorial for the clovers here at Hands On As We Grow and they were super easy to make.  They were a GREAT project for my seven year old daughter to do almost completely on her own. 1. Cut strips of construction paper , lengthwise, into 1.5 inch strips. IMG_1530 2. Fold the paper in half. 3. Bend the non-fold edges over to create a heart out of the paper.  Stable the two edges together. IMG_1532 4.  This makes one heart.  Repeat the process to make a total of three hearts. 5. Create a stem by putting two folds in the middle of one strip of paper. IMG_1534 6.  Staple the non-folded edges on either side of one of the hearts.  This is your middle heart. IMG_1535 7. Staple a heart on each side of the middle heart. IMG_1536 Now you have a great three leaf clover decoration!  My daughter helped me make SEVENTY-FIVE of these to hang from our ceiling and she loved every second of it.  Especially since her hearts looked better than mine!!!  We used fishing line and white thumb tacks to hang the clovers. Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day! Marissa.jpg

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