Laundry Room Part II

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Okay, let’s be honest, what have I NOT been doing the last couple of weeks?  My house is still a disaster because I am still in the middle of remodeling.  I would love to report that I have finished a few of my rooms, but alas, not a single one is actually done.  They all have projects to complete before I can truly be happy with the state they are in.  Not to mention, we have paid the DIY price on two of the bathrooms recently…

We realized we did not use the right wax ring on the toilet in the half bath downstairs so it has been leaking.  UGH!  We had to pull the toilet back out, rip out some of the sheetrock and baseboards, dry it for several days and then fix everything back up.  It is a good thing I am getting so handy at replacing walls in this house.  Why?  Oh yes, I also had to replace a hole in the guest bath upstairs behind the bathtub.  I had a total Tim the Tool Man Taylor moment while putting the “finishing touches” in that room.  While replacing the shower head, bathtub handle, and tub downspout, I bent the gosh darn copper pipe that the downspout attaches too.  I had to call my plumber who had to go into the wall behind it to replace it.  More sheet rock to repair.  Oh, you want to hear more mishaps?  Well, we also learned the faucet in our downstairs bath was faulty – not our faulty, manufacturer faulty – and we had to rip that out too.  The five of us have been sharing one bathroom for about two weeks now.  Good thing we have two sinks in it now!  This also all happened WHILE the laundry room was torn up for its remodel.  Washer and dryer in the hallway, no ability to do laundry.  I was not the happiest Mom the Builder.

Yes, my 11 year old son walks around singing the theme song to Bob the Builder, but instead says Mom the builder. 

The downstairs bath is now fully functioning again, and the laundry room is done!  Okay, as I said before, not done, but close enough!  I still have a few additions for it.  However, my master bathroom has looked like this:


for several weeks now.  Those other projects are going to have to wait until I get my bathroom back!

You may have seen my first laundry room post where I showed you how I cleaned out the room in preparation for its remodel.  Since then I have been busy working on everything from tiling (which I have officially decided I hate doing with every ounce of my soul), to refinishing cabinets, to hanging shelves and closet rods. 

Here is the before picture, after I already cleaned it out:


Refinishing the cabinet I bought at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $25, and painting the hardwood plywood I purchased to create a countertop. 


Everything ripped out: and ready to go:


There are few things I like better in a house than a fresh coat of paint!


And, the “final” product… (is it just me or does that picture of naval aviator wings up top look like a menorah?)



I LOVE having the countertop to fold laundry on.  Things I still need to do: I need to add a middle support to the folding counter and put an “apron” on the front of it.  It sags slightly in the middle and I don’t like how it looks with such a thin face.  I also still need to buy new boxes so they will match my new paint job.  I just haven’t had time to make it to the stores for that yet.  Last, but not least, I need to hang the doors back up.  I am going to be transforming my bi-fold doors into French doors.  Maybe I will make that into Laundry Room Part III! But first…on to the master bath!


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