DIY Pole Bean Trellis

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Today I am having a new HVAC system installed so I decided to take a break from the indoors projects and move outside.  The rain finally subsided for a day and should be returning soon.  I am taking advantage of this and getting a few things done in the garden boxes:

This is what my garden boxes looked like on April 29, 2013 after I sowed the seeds (24 days ago):

seededgarden And this is what it looks like now!  poletrellis4

The garden is doing great!  Only a handful of the plants are store bought.  Over 2/3 of everything in those boxes was grown from seeds.  I am so excited at how successful it looks so far. 

Each day I spend about 5 minutes pulling out the little weeds and it has really paid off.  With all the rain we have been having, I have only had to water a handful of times.  My star performers from seeds so far are my squash, snap peas, chard, bush and pole beans, and radishes.  My spinach, all different lettuce, carrots and marigolds also look fantastic.

My peas and beans are doing so well it was time to wrap some twine around the poles that will be used to trellis them.  This is not a difficult process, and not necessarily cost effective (though not expensive either).  You could easily buy a premade trellis, but they look exactly the way I wanted them to.  The only concern I have right now is that the trellises will be too small.  As I said, the peas and beans are really taking off.  I fear they are going to outgrow their little home in their barrels!


Do It Yourself Pole Bean Trellis (makes one)


You will need:

  • 5 – Five foot long bamboo poles (or desired number and length to suit your needs)
  • Roll of twine

Place the poles equally distant in a circle in the ground.  I sunk my poles about 10 inches.  Gather the poles together at the top.  Using the twine, knot the poles together with a lashing knot.  Cut twine.  Starting at the base of the pole teepee you have created, wrap the twine around the circle of poles, tying a knot around each pole as you go.  Keep the twine taught as you move around the circle.  Repeat as many levels of twine as necessary to support your plants.

poletrellis2 It only took a few minutes for the little tendrils on my snap peas to start winding around the twine I place them next to!

Happy Growing!



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