Frugal Solutions: Showerhead Clean Up

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The problem? A really grungy, gross showerhead! The solution? Buy some expensive product and hope it works. Only I’ve got a history of buying products which don’t quite live up to the hype. So, in keeping with Marissa’s “one month without buying anything” challenge, I decided to try a home remedy.


Pinterest and FaceBook are “littered” with fabulous ways to use common household ingredients to clean, polish, etc. I know, because they pop-up unbidden almost on a daily basis on my various newsfeeds. But, it is often hard to get past the professional looking photography to determine whether something will really work in my house! Most of the readers’ comments are exclamations of “I’m going to try that!” Rarely is there a response from someone who has tried the offered tip and met with success.


I sold my home last fall and am now living in a tiny 1930s cottage on the edge of a designated historic area downtown. I love the charm, and have no problems with the wavy ceiling, slightly uneven floor, and oddly shaped rooms. My showerhead, however, must be 20 years old and is not in the slightest bit charming (or clean!). Water flowed through it just fine, but every time I looked up I was confronted with a bird’s eye view of some significant gunk. Yuck!














I tried spraying it with the “scrubbing bubbles” and another bleach-based product, but neither helped much. So, when yet another “look what you can do with vinegar” post popped up, I decided to give it a try.  Here are the necessary tools:

  • Plain white vinegar
  • Tape or string
  • A plastic bag
  • An old tooth brush













Put about a cup of vinegar into the bag. Submerge the showerhead in the vinegar and use the tape/string to anchor the bag. Keep it attached overnight.





DON’T forget what you’ve done! Yes, this morning I started the bath water and was ready to flip the lever for the shower when I looked up and saw the bag hanging there. THAT would have been interesting! Cut the bag off and use the old toothbrush to loosen any remaining residue (this step took me about 30 seconds).















Maybe not as good as new, but MUCH better than it was before! And, this method probably cost less than a quarter.



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  1. Marissa
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    WOW! That is a HUGE difference! Totally keeping this in mind for future reference. I hear vinegar is really THE cleaning solution.

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