Master Bathroom Remodel

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Update: Here are the most recent pictures of the finished master bathroom:
master bath

master bath2

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I am not done with the master bathroom yet.  Probably no where near done, as a matter of fact.  However, I have made HUGE progress the last several days.  This, of course, was one of my main goals when I  decided to stop spending excess money this month.  The house remodel had stalled significantly and I needed to get it back on track.

As far as my spending blog challenge, well, I have learned that the month of July was both a good month and a bad month to try to save some dough.

I’ll start with the bad. 

I have two words for you: no. school.  My three children are driving me up the wall.  It would not be so bad if it weren’t raining or forecasted to rain basically every day this month so far.  There are a ton of amazing, free things to do around Hampton Roads, Virginia if you are able to be outside.  Not so much inside stuff.  We have managed to get to an outdoor movie, several barbecues around the fourth of July (only one was rained out), rained out at a park, and we have taken a lot of walks around the neighborhood.  That’s pretty much it right now.  Tomorrow we will probably try to hit up the pool for a little while as well as the library.

Next, the good.

If you can call it that.  Guess what I had to do the first week of July?  Have a new hot water heater installed.  ARGH!  When we returned from vacation we found a leaking water heater and water all over the garage.  The bill was close to $2,000.  DOUBLE ARGH!  How aggravating is that?!?!  Here I am busting my rear end trying not to spend any money and I might as well have thrown it out the window.  Of course, I always try to look at the positive, hence why this is supposed to be the good part.  If it weren’t for my money-saving plan this month, I would be out the $2,000 AND whatever money I was spending on crap this month.  Now, I’m just out the hot water heater money.  I should also mention the dentist visit I had today.  Apparently I have significant work that needs to be done on two of my teeth.  That is going to cost more than my new water heater did…AFTER insurance.  Bleh.  So where’s that good part again?  Oh yeah, basically, my blog challenge has made it possible for me to deal with the unexpected without breaking the bank, and that is a relief. 

Other than that huge purchase, I have spent money on exactly three things that weren’t groceries, gas, or bills:

  • $6.99 underwear
  • $2.50 tea ball, for my husband to make our homegrown tea with
  • $7.49 primer paint for the master bathroom walls, if I hadn’t purchased it, I would not have been able to move forward with the master bathroom

You know what is funny though?  I bought the underwear and tea ball over a week ago…the underwear is still in the package and my husband hasn’t drank tea all week either.  And I thought I just HAD to have those things THAT DAY.  Just goes to show you…!

I have definitely found myself making a mental list of all the things I want to buy when this month is over.  Isn’t that terrible?  Several things for the house and items in the garden and more.  I’m trying to split that list into two: things that I feel I really “cannot live without” and things that I should avoid buying for a while to make sure it is something I really “need.”  It has certainly been an enlightening experience so far.  Before, if I wanted to purchase something, I just went out and got it.  When you are doing that, I have found you don’t notice the spending as much until you get to the end of the month and realize you really have nothing to show for all the money that is GONE.  Now that I have forbidden myself from buying the things on my “want” and “need” lists, I am really noticing that I think of things I want to buy all the stinking time.  Now, that is practically all I think about!  I am almost tempted to turn this into a two month challenge just to see if I can do it!

Other than the quality time I have been spending with my family, the best part of this challenge is all the work I have gotten done on the house.  Before this month, I had purchased so many materials to finish so many remodeling projects, but I wasn’t actually doing any of the projects.  Now I am!  Here are the pictures of how my Master Bathroom Remodeling project is going.  The end is near and I cannot wait to report when it is done.  It won’t be this month though, because I still have to purchase some of the odds and ends!

This is how my bathroom looked on Sunday July 7th:


Here is the wood cut for the vanities I built from scratch:


Testing the vanity out before painting it:


This is what my bathroom looks like now, only three days later:


As you can see, there is still plenty of work to be done.  I need to get the new base boards cut and installed.  I do already have the materials for that.  Also, install the mirrors.  I don’t have the supplies for that.  Actually, I don’t even know what I want to do there yet.  Those ugly green rugs aren’t staying either.  They will be going as soon as I’m allowed to buy new ones.  See what  I mean about my long shopping list???

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