Knitted Door Cozy

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So, I have to admit that I can’t stand “door cozies.”  You know, those tubes of stuffed fabric, often made to look like animals, or snowmen, or turkeys:


***SHUDDER*** (I apologize if I have offended you while you glance over at your draft guard)

They are just not my decorating style.  However, this blog post is brought to you by my one year old baby who is the lightest sleeper on the planet.  That’s right.  Little baby F has made it clear to us that if we make a peep while she is taking a nap, nap time is OVER!  This does not work well for me for several reasons.  One, I make fun of people who tiptoe around their house when the baby is sleeping.  I practically walked around banging on pots and pans with my first two kids…just so they would learn how to sleep.  Not this one.  Our littlest girl has decided to humble me the third time around.  Two, naptime is far too important around this house.  It is the only time I get ANYTHING done and my to-do list is far too long to lose this precious time each day.

To solve this problem, my husband started throwing beach towels on the ground in front of her door, in the hopes of blocking some of the noise.  It bothered the heck out of me!  Here I am busting my rear end trying to remodel our house and make it look beautiful, and my husband’s idea of decor is a rolled up beach towel!

I decided to at least try to make it look a bit presentable so I knitted up a quick door cozy with some yarn I had laying around.  It will certainly never make the cover of a decorating magazine, but the baby is sleeping, and the beach towels are actually being used for their proper purpose again.  I also was able to do this spending zero dollars, which is a super plus for me.


Knitted Door Cozy


  • Size 6 DPNs
  • Any worsted weight yarn you desire
  • tapestry needle to weave in ends
  • filling (I used an old beach towel…oh the irony…that we were already using as a rag, washed first of course!)


Cast on 36 stitches, place stitch marker and join as to knit in the round.  Be careful not to twist before joining.

Rows 1 – 10. Knit

Row 11, purl

After row 11, *knit for 20 rows, then purl one row*.  Repeat  between *s until the cozy is the desired length for your door, ending on a purl row.

Knit 10 more rows, then cast off.  Weave in ends.

Roll up desired filling material, ensuring it is the right length for your cozy.  Also, be sure the color of the filling will not clash with the cozy you just knitted.  I rolled up a beach towel, then wrapped a piece of brown fabric around it.  It blends perfectly with my yarn color.

Stuff cozy tube with filling.  On one end, using a piece of yarn, pick up the cast on (or off) stitches with tapestry needle.  Pull tight to close off the openings and weave in ends.  Repeat on the other end. 


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