DIY Music Note Wall Art

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Today’s do it yourself craft is a multi panel wall painting I created for my music room. 


You may remember a few years ago when I posted a tutorial for this Super Size Guitar Neck Picture Display.  The guitar neck is still by far one of my favorite decorative creations.  The room still looks exactly the same except for the fact that we just had wood laminate installed throughout our entire downstairs.

***Side note – if you are “planning” to do something like new flooring or cabinets, or whatever, stop “planning” and DO IT!  We have spent over four years in this house and we are finally finished with the renovations we were always “planning” to do…and now we have orders to move next summer!  I am so happy with our finished product, I just regret waiting so long to do it all***

So about those new floors…now our music room sounds more like a cavern than a place for a band to play.  Echo, Echoooo, Echooooooooo.  I have spent the last few days trying to fill it with rugs and other not-so-garage-band-looking sound proofing.  Good luck with that, huh?  Don’t worry, there aren’t any egg crate foam pads on the walls.  Yet.  Instead, I am trying to fill most of the empty wall space with canvases to absorb some of the sound (as per a recommendation from professional musician friends).

I purchased some canvas today at my local craft store, using a coupon for 50% off of course.  I already had the paints – blue, white and yellow for this one.  After looking at some images online I decided my safest bet would be a simple music note.  When it comes to painting, I can do a LOT a little cheating to make the stuff look decent from far away but, really, I have next to no painting and drawing talent.

The multi panel artwork needed to flow nicely so I set them one above the other before painting.  Though it is hard to tell, there is a coat of white paint over the canvas. 


I wanted more of a blended look so before the white was dry I squirted the blue paint on in the design I wanted.  Then, used a foam craft brush to spread the paint out.  IMG_4441

I waited for the blue to dry mostly before making a few small drops of yellow and doing the same.


It all took about 15 minutes to do and then several hours of drying time before hanging.  Why pay money for someone else’s artwork when you can make your own exactly the way you want it to look?


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