Upcycle: Shower Curtain Liner Turns Toddler Craft Apron

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curtainliner Well over a decade ago, my brilliant mother taught me to never throw out an old shower curtain liner (the vinyl ones).  Whenever one becomes too dingy to keep in the shower anymore, it gets folded up and thrown in the stack in the garage. 

They are usually reused as drop cloths; whether it be to paint the house or do a simple painting, gluing, or other messy kid-friendly craft.  I always have some on hand and they last through SEVERAL projects.  Practically forever, actually.

I was planning to do a Christmas decoration craft yesterday, but I was babysitting a super sweet little 2 year old and didn’t want to take a chance of messing her clothes with the paint.  I did, however, want to get her involved in the painting project and decided I needed something to protect her outfit.  The wheels in my head started turning and I decided to turn one of my vinyl shower curtain drop cloths into a toddler sized vinyl shower curtain apron.

Tutorial: UpCycle Shower Curtains into Craft Aprons

Advance warning…please don’t judge the tutorial…I am NOT the seamstress of the family.  That is Debbie!  The directions I wrote for the pattern may sound more like they were written by a 5th grader than by someone with sewing experience.  Of course, this also means the apron is pretty simple to make.  There is no fancy stitching.  No darts, no button holes, no arm holes.  Very little measuring.  Just a good ole fashion flat sewing project. 

A huge bonus for me was the fact that it is a craft apron.  It is meant to get dirty.  I didn’t worry about how straight my hemlines were, or if the measurements were exactly the same on both sides of the apron.  I hope my daughter and her friend have so much fun using them (I made two) that the aprons look like a tornado hit after first use.  Another pro is that the apron took less than 30 minutes to make from first cut to last sew.  Even if it gets trashed, it will be no problem to make another one.

I was showing my new project to my friend and her first thought was what a great project for a preschool teacher or someone with a comparable position.  One shower curtain can make anywhere from eight to 14 aprons, depending on the size and how efficiently you cut your pieces out.

The apron pictured was made using the least expensive shower curtain liner – $2.14 at Wal*Mart brand new – so it really fits anyone’s budget.  The “expensive” liners are right around 10 dollars so you can still make ten aprons for less than a dollar a piece even if you go out and purchase one just for this purpose.  Of course, I am sure Good Will and other thrift stores are not lacking in used shower curtains to purchase for this craft. 

Last but not least, my daughter LOVES it!  Especially the pocket I stitched on the front, as recommended by my eight year old.  The apron is not cumbersome at all and she is able to move around in it just fine.  The thicker shower curtain liners might get in the way a little more but I still don’t think they would be a hindrance.

Happy Crafting!


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